Filmmaker Justin Sandler Presents His First One-man Show About His Cancer Journey

March 6, 2019

Join filmmaker Justin Sandler at the Whitefire Theater on March 7th, 2019 at 8 pm for his first one-man show about his cancer journey.

Cancer is one of the most major causes of death right after heart disease according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The country with the most reports of cancer in Australia, while the United States comes fifth as told by the American Institute for Cancer Research. Research for a cure has gone on for years and current cancer patients rely on one another for strength.

Justin Sandler was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer in 2017 that was spreading around his chest and heart. Any other person would have fallen down into bed rest and begun to wither away, but Justin rose to the challenge.

He chose to embrace his cancer, show it love, and eventually set it free.

Here he is pictured during his cancer journey. Visit his website here.

After a near two year break Sandler is finally getting back to film making, but first, he’s making a pit stop at Whitefire Theater for his first one-man show about his cancer journey. Throughout his cancer journey, Sandler publicly shared his experiences through vulnerable live videos that inspired others to rise up and not fall down.

Sandler said that he “saw the bigger reason for his cancer” and that was to finally be able to share a “positive message of overcoming obstacles with as many people as he could”.

His show at SoloFest will include characters, narration, poetry, musical performances, and actual video clips from his entire experience.

Book tickets to his show here.

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Article by Danika Firth


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