Art Montana Competition Exhibits the Creativity Residing in the Big Sky State

February 3, 2015

Screenshot 2015-02-02 16.31.0330 filmmakers inspired by Montana and the artists who live there, created short films featuring 30 Montana artists for The Audience Awards‘ biggest competition to date, Art Montana. The variety of creativity spans ceramics, jewelry, sculpture, painting, screen printing, music, dance, using the environment as a medium, and of course filmmaking. The competition is an opportunity for filmmakers to highlight the artists whose inspiration is also bred in Montana.

Porch Productions is giving away $8500 for the winning filmmakers– the most money ever awarded by the company. Yet it is the artists, filmmakers and beauty of Montana captured through these 30 short films that the audience is most excited for. The film with the most votes wins $5000, second place wins $2500 and third place most voted film wins $1000.

Some of the films will later feature on the website. Art Montana is an educational media series produced by Porch Productions that works with educators to develop lesson plans designed for Montana K-12 teachers. The website offers an online collection of streaming videos and lesson plans for teachers to use in their classrooms. The videos and lesson plans bring arts into the schools and allows teachers and students to dig deeper by teaching different subjects through the artist portraits.

Montana breeds creativity. From the mystique of the Rocky Mountain West, to the wide open spaces that give the big sky state its name, Montana is home to many inspired and talented artists. The Art Montana competition gives you the opportunity to meet some of them and understand what drives them to interpret their surroundings and express themselves artistically.Screenshot 2015-02-02 16.16.59

Still from Art MT film “Jack Metcalf: Constructed Situations”

The Art Montana competition runs from Tuesday, February 3-17. Vote for your favorite Art Montana film today.

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