Six Filmmaker quotes from Comedy Shorts Film Festival

September 23, 2016

Six filmmakers have given us the inside perspective on their Short Comedic Films, Take a look and get voting! There are 24 films in the Audience Awards’ 2016 Comedy Shorts Film Festival and you can watch and vote for as many as you like once a day for the duration of the Festival.

Comedy Shorts

“New York”

“New York” is a Micro Comedy Short intended to provoke a bit of thought about things we were told as children,… and how they might apply to us today.”- Brady Brandwood and “New York”

Comedy Shorts

“Marcos El Muerto”

“The entire short film was made in under 48 hours. We were given a genre, line of dialogue, character and a prop then 48 hours to come up with an idea, shoot and do post-production on the film.

The film was meant to be a light hearted look at an endearing Mexican-American friendship with a character that showcases the good ethics that most Mexican immigrants have contrasted by the unintentional arrogance Americans often show in return.

All the scenes were improvised.” -Nick Garrett and “Marcos El Muerto

Comedy Shorts

“Haddock News – The 5-Minute Power Hour”

“Haddock News is a combination of everything our creative team loves: puppets, animation, fast-paced absurd comedy, lo-fi aesthetics, and satire that doesn’t hold back. It’s also very much a product of our time, considering that the team is split between the United States and Singapore (by way of England). All of our collaboration over the last six years has been done online, now with over 10 original shorts on Youtube. To date, our core creative leads have only met in person once: at the Just For Laughs comedy festival in Montreal, where Haddock News was selected for presentation in 2015” – Thinker St. James and Matthew O’Rourke with “Haddock News – The 5-Minute Power Hour” 

Comedy Shorts

“Couples Therapy”

“I made my film based off of an off-hand comment my wife made when we were talking about relationships.  We’ve been together for nearly 20 years (married for nearly 10) and sometimes people do ask us what our secret to staying together has been.  I think it’s being honest with each other.  My wife made a comment about how hard it must be to date and for couples that aren’t truthful.  She said something along the lines of, “I’d waterboard them.”  It was a joke and it sparked the idea for the entire film.

As a side note, I’d say that another very important part of successful relationships is humor and finding someone who shares your sensibilities.  If you can’t laugh together, then what’s the point?” -Kelsey J. Nash “Couples Therapy

Comedy Shorts

“Ted Cruz – The Re-Election”

In addition to starring in this film, I also wrote and produced it. This film was written, shot, and edited in four days.

Ted Cruz is running for presidency of the Maine Media Workshops and College.”- Joey Rubin and “Ted Cruz – The Re-Election” 

Comedy Shorts

“Which Witch is Which”

“The greatest achievement of this film was not found only in the final product, but also in the process. It was filmed in my home town and all of my friends and family spent a day in a hot church and got to see what filmmakers do. Getting to share the experience of filmmaking with people who don’t know was a rewarding experience!”- Allison Frasca and “Which Witch is Which

Watch these and other entries in Audience Awards’ 2016 Comedy Shorts Film Festival here.

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