Introducing Lose Yourself to Dance Video Contest

September 28, 2016

Dancers and Dance Filmmakers alike – this is your time to shine! You are invited to submit a film showcasing any style of dance you prefer, whether it be a solo/duet/group, from anywhere in the world!

The Audience Awards has an open call for dance on film! Entries must showcase dance and can be any length. Dancers from around the world are invited to submit to the 2016 Danceador Lose Yourself to Dance Video Contest. Anyone may submit to this contest! We interviewed Danceador Founder/CEO Johanna Ciampa to bring you the inside look at this contest!

What is Danceador?

Danceador is a Dance Ambassador movement that celebrates and preserves our global dance legacy. is The Virtual Dance Ambassador, an online portal that currently allows you to upload, discover, and enjoy global dance videos – with continued goals to add features for our community. Dances can be discovered by dance category or by zooming into our map feature. Danceador is also actively building a network of Dance Ambassadors, helping organizations to achieve success with culturally innovative programs and event creation, promoting dance-related activities, and producing our own movement content.

What inspired you to start this company?

I wanted to follow my heart and passions and make the most of the time that I have. Dance has had a powerfully good impact on my life and I know many that would say the same. Dance encourages the highest ideals and experiences: unity, love, joy, cross cultural communication and understanding, health, celebration. When I thought about what the world needs, it is an endless supply of these things. So I got to work. Not only do I want to spread awareness and preserve threatened dances, but I want to promote all dance styles and create inclusive dance resources, while using business to improve lives.

Did you know that UNESCO predicts our verbal and nonverbal communication is endangered? It’s estimated that more than half of our languages could be gone by the end of this century. Movement is a universal language and is our oldest form of communication. Studies show that communication is 70-90% nonverbal – so dance has a lot to say. We dance to express our hearts and souls, to have fun, and to bring people together. Dance is living art and heritage. UNESCO defines living heritage as the practices, representations, expressions, knowledge and skills transmitted by communities from generation to generation. Yet even as you read this, dance is disappearing.


What’s your proudest moment thus far?

As an artist, I’m proud of going outside of my comfort zone to learn the business skills necessary to bring my ideas to life. Waking up early to take all-day Excel classes was far from easy for me. However, I surprised myself and broke the mold when I delivered my business pitch and included a group of dancers performing to music – which led to tying for the award of Best Pitch at the UM John Ruffatto Business Startup Challenge. I felt like I was honoring my arts education/mentors and offering an answer to the question, “What are you going to do with a Dance degree?” Another highlight happened at Danceador’s first event while I was standing at the sidelines. I watched 2 musicians and 16 different styles of dance performed by talented artists in my hometown who lit up the stage while our community came out to support and appreciate them. My roots will always belong to Missoula, MT and it means the world to bring Danceador to life with the support of my home and then reach out to other peoples’ homes through a grassroots effort. I was just invited by UM Blackstone Launchpad to go to this year’s Forbes summit in Boston, which is my father’s home, and I can’t wait to see what unfolds.

How can people support Danceador?

  1. Submit a dance video to – “Submit a Dance” Tab
  2. Enter our dance contest in collaboration with the Audience Awards
  3. Like/Follow us on FB, Instagram, and Twitter
  4. Spread the word, say hi & introduce us to others who would love what we are doing, Give us feedback

What kind of content are you expecting/wanting to be submitted to the contest?

You are invited to submit content showcasing any style of dance you prefer, whether it be a solo/duet/or group performance, from anywhere in the world. The film/video length must be a minimum of 30 seconds but no longer than 45 minutes. A global audience will choose the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place Audience Award winners; A panel of judges choose the Jury Award for Best Choreography and Best Dance Move. – The Virtual Dance Ambassador

The dates and prizes for this contest are to be announced. There is no entry fee. If you are interested in this contest sign up for contest specific updates here.

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