It’s Time to Get Voting! DIY Filmmaker Tips

June 2, 2016

There are 30 three minute or under films showing off their filmmakers best DIY tips to help you step up your indie filming game! Show them some love and appreciation by watching and voting for their entries into DIY Filmmaker Tips Video Contest. Fund their filmmaking dreams by helping them win a piece of $1900 total prize value! Here is a taste of the filmmaker tips; See what these eight filmmakers have to say about the videos.


Brandon Nieto: “Zero Budget film Tips”

“I would like people to know that you don’t need the most expensive equipment to go out there and create a film with some friends. You learn so much just by trying. I continue to try different things. Some work, but a majority do not, but I learn from each mistake.” – Brandon Nieto: “Zero Budget film Tips”


Dylan Mckissick: “How To FILM”

“Something I would like the global audience to know about my film is that I self taught myself how to edit and started my website being my youtube channel editing my video and to get the full effect and my editing style is by checking out my other videos because depending on the topic, my editing style changes to fit the film or video that is being edited.” -Dylan Mckissick: “How To FILM


Sean Johnson: “Shooting a night scene during the day”

“Well my video is about how you can shoot a night scene for your film, even if it’s day time. I’ve had problems in the past with filming at night. Filming would go on way too long and we would be done by later passed 12 AM. So I found out this technique that is cheap and has proved to be very effective when I used it in some of my own short films. It’s a great way to help extend the shooting of your night scene. So I thought that this would be a great DIY technique to share with the other filmmakers out there.” -Sean Johnson: “Shooting a night scene during the day



Daniel Duerto “Simple 2 hand stabilizer that can be used with the UNIVERSAL GIMBAL MOUNT”


“I would like to grow the DIY filmmaking community with my product that we will be launching a crowdfunding campaign for in the coming weeks. In the video I demonstrate a simple accessory that can be made to use with the Universal Gimbal Mount but my hopes are that the DIY filmmaking community will see the endless opportunities you have when using our product.” -Daniel Duerto: “Simple 2 hand stabilizer that can be used with the UNIVERSAL GIMBAL MOUNT


Jeff Smee: “Making Movies is Easy”

“Filmmaking has changed immensely over the years.  From film to tape to digital files — black and white to color — silent to sound — practical effects to CGI… but at the heart of the whole process there has always been the one thing — storytelling.” -Jeff Smee: “Making Movies is Easy



William Anderson “How to Make a Movie in 3 Easy Steps”

“1) My film talks about the real core elements you must know in order to be a successful filmmaker at any type of level, whether that be indie or studio.
 2) My film really showcases the passion I have for the art and the passion that you must have in order to really deal with the ups and downs of film.” -William Anderson: “How to Make a Movie in 3 Easy Steps

Gary Jackson: “Cinematic Images From Any Camera”

 “In our tutorial, we just wanted to show how you can make a film with any camera. I think that a lot of people get discouraged by only having their phone to film on, and I thought it might be helpful to give a few tips on it.” -Gary Jackson: “Cinematic Images From Any Camera

Sam White: “DIY Filming Tips”

“Most of the ideas that we had in making this film came from experiences that we have had issues With and tried to fix through DIY creations.

We also used materials that most people can find at home so that there is no need to go to a store to buy any of it.

We liked to stick with the idea that everything, except a camera, was going to be accessible from an office or a home office and we kept them to a minimum. A little creation was needed in developing our first tip.” -Sam e: “DIY Filming Tips

Watch these and all the films competing in DIY Filmmaker Tips Video Contest and remember, you can vote once a day for as many films as you like for the duration of the contest!

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