Top Filmmaker Software: Filmstro

June 3, 2016

 What is your Company’s mission?

We are on a mission to redefine the music production business. We want to liberate filmmakers, creatives, game developers, in fact anyone who wants to marry music to their creative project. We are setting music free.

How do filmmakers utilize your company?

Filmstro presents filmmakers with an innovative, professional and cost effective solution to meet their soundtrack needs. Not to mention, it’s a lot of fun.


What do filmmakers like best about your product?

We are enabling anyone to access music, regardless of musical training. After identifying that Filmmakers were wasting time cutting their edits to fit a static library music track, Filmstro turns the tables and lets them tailor their music to their edit. FilmstroPro allows the user to determine the arrangement ‘live’ while playing back the music in real time; thereby creating a unique piece of music to suit their edit or creative media project.

The 3 parameters that the user controls (which in turn control instrumentation, mood and the other subtleties of music) are:

1. Momentum (fast or slow)

2. Depth (high or low)

3. Power (gentle or strong)

Are there any special offerings you have that you’d like filmmakers to know about?

Filmstro is now available on Mac and will be available on Windows on 06/16/16.


Ryan Connelly | Film Riot

“It’s a really awesome piece of software and I’m very excited to watch it grow.”

Sebastian Wöber | Cinema5D

“For me as a filmmaker sound and music is so important. What better could happen to run-and-gun full production shooters than an app like Filmstro Pro?”

Stephen Levinson | Vimeo

“I just gave it a shot on my unfinished short film. Wow. It is pretty f****** cool. And it works really really well.”

Richard Cousins – Films & Commercials Director

“A great tool that puts you in control of your vision!”

Check out the website here!


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