Help Audience Awards Save Our Oceans

May 21, 2018

The Audience Awards needs your help, and so do the oceans.

When our founder and CEO, Paige Williams, first met Dr. Sylvia Earle, it became clear to her that she needed to do her part to help the ocean. She brought that back to our team, and now Audience Awards is working with Dr. Earle, her organization Hatch and the group Mission Blue, to launch our Save Our Oceans campaign.

The Audience Awards assembled a grand jury, including Dr. Earle, for the 2018 Ocean Film Challenge. The jury sifted through 100 films to select eight finalists that best showed the impact that humans have on the ocean. These eight films premiered at the D.C. Environmental Film Festival. There, hundreds of attendants were able to see eight different ways in which the relationship between the ocean and humanity exists, evolves, and impacts everything.

There are still ways you can show your support too! From June 1st to June 8th, you will be able to vote for your favorite of these eight films at On June 8th, World Ocean Day, you can do three things: not use any single-use plastic items, not eat any seafood, or share a piece of content about the ocean. You can also show your support at any time by posting to any social media platform stating your support. In your post, please include #WorldOceanDay, #June8, and/or #SaveOurOceans.

Dr. Earle has impacted us with the importance of the ocean to not just our planet, but all of human life. It is the barometer for any and all existence on Earth. We greatly appreciate any support you show, and thank you in advance.


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