High School Student to Film Prodigy

May 2, 2019

EYE Knows, a short experimental drama film written, directed, produced, edited and filmed by 17-year-old Markus Anderson-Deakin, was recently screened as part of the national Robin Anderson Student Film Awards in Sydney.

The film was produced as part of Sacred Heart College’s Year 12 Media Analysis and Production course, and Markus said he always intended to submit the film to a competition.

Watch his film here:

Markus is currently a freshman in college studying at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California. He’s working towards an Undergraduates degree in Motion Pictures and Television with an emphasis in Cinematography.

Markus said he always had a keen eye for making movies as a young kid, he loved shooting first off with my mum’s Camcorder when they would go on holidays.

“Reviewing the footage always gave me a good buzz. As the years went on I realized how much enjoyment I got out of making little videos and started taking my videos more seriously, putting a lot more effort into them. “

In Year 10 when he was 15 a lot of aspirations came from a fellow classmate John Crofts who always made films that got the year group talking a heap, there was always a big buzz surrounding the release of his productions. This inspired & motivated Markus to be that next person, to have an impact on their year group in such a way through the medium of film.

Markus learned about filmmaking largely from watching Youtube filmmakers and being taught by High School teachers in class at Sacred Heart College. Mr. Clarke, his Media teacher in Year 11 & 12, in particular, was his biggest influencer. He would very much go out of his way to help Markus and every student in the class.

When coming up with ideas for his film he wanted to create something abstract and unconventional for his final high school project. Markus stated that in class they watched ‘They Live’ and that film inspired him to create something of a similar nature to that film.

“I just wasn’t keen on creating another soppy teen drama.” Markus stated.

His favorite memory from creating the short film was when the film was selected to be aired in a famous historical cinema in Sydney because he had made it through to the finals of a National Student Film Festival that year.

“Having made that film all by myself, which took months of preparation and production really helped me to sit back and just appreciate where the film had gone and how hard work pays off. It was quite special to me.”

Currently Markus isn’t working on any new short films, however, he hopes that as he dives deeper into his degree he’ll get the chance to create larger films.

Watch Eye Know? Here:


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Article by Danika Firth


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