How do I monetize my short film?

May 22, 2014

Short film monetization is tough. Filmmakers want to know, can I monetize my short film? What is the best platform for my short film? We created he Audience Awards to bring you a new short film distribution platform in a unique way. We are disrupting the system and putting the power into your hands to make your short film work for you. As a filmmaker, we face several challenges. How do I make money doing what I love? How do I build an audience for my film? How do I get my film seen and out there? Who doesn’t love a good game? We build audience through competition. As a filmmaker, I always loved participating in a film festival and winning The Audience Awards.


It meant that the people I had made the film for, an audience, loved it the most. But I saw a problem. Decentralized content. A million places to put your film but no one stop shop. I would see all of these great short films at a festival but wouldn’t be able to find them again. And my goodness, why does it take so much to run a successful Kickstarter campaign? We strive to address all of the issues at The Audience Awards. Filmmakers can crowd fund and raise money for their film career without all of the hoops and expense of Kickstarter. The audience gets to come and watch short films and vote for their favorites – from the comfort of their living room.


They get to have a q & a with the filmmaker and discover new films and upcoming filmmakers. Filmmakers get to submit their films to compete in The Audience Awards and win cash.  And every time they ask someone to vote for their film, they’re earning 70% of revenue for their short film. So not only can a filmmaker win a nice cash prize witgh their film, they get to monetize their short film. There are so many exciting new features coming to The Audience Awards. I can’t wait to unveil the next Audience Awards site! Coming soon.


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