In The Kitchen Video Contest is Open for Voting

October 8, 2016

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 In The Kitchen With Homewood And Home2 Suites By Hilton is off to a delicious start! There are 18 videos featuring the hotel’s full kitchens and we need you to decide which ones are deserving of your vote! The filmmakers of  “The Kitchen is the Heart,” “Home2 Cameron Spencer,” and “Trying to cook” have given us an inside look into their videos. Watch the entry by clicking on the image or on the title!

Emily Han-Young Hurd "The Kitchen is the Heart"

Emily Han-Young Hurd and “The Kitchen is the Heart”

“I’m a chef and also enjoy working on short films, usually as the project manager, so I was really excited to venture new territory in the writer/director/editor role for this specific contest challenge.  Pre-production took weeks as I did multiple-batch test cooking to come up with original recipes (happy to share them!) made with limited ingredients that only required the kitchen equipment found at a Homewood Suites (and we tried to showcase as many items as possible!).  I learned a LOT through the filmmaking process, including how to edit for the first time (yikes!), that projects are multitudes more fun when you’re working with people who inspire you (and make you laugh), and, in the end, all the technical stuff for me must defer to the story being shared.  And there are so many stories to share!”
~Emily Han-Young Hurd and “The Kitchen is the Heart
Home2 Cameron Spencer Jason Collins

Jason Collins and “Home2 Cameron Spencer”

“This was directed and set up by my boys, I assisted and helped guide them through learning. They decided the recipe, ideas of scenes, falling back on couch, etc. they actually wanted to hang out in the room, which is super comfortable!!!
We felt it was crucial to only use what was available Home2 which is quite impressive.
We would like to thank Hilton Home2 for this fun, cool project & especially the kind staff at the beautiful Franklin, TN Home2, where they graciously allowed us to make this video.”
~Jason Collins and “Home2 Cameron Spencer


Meliek Gaynor trying to cook

Meliek Gaynor and “Trying to cook”

“I look to have fun or seek some type of enjoyment in all of my films I produce. This film was no different. I really wanted to do something no one else was doing. So i though comedy would be my route however I rarely ever am in front of the camera so I just kept shooting until I liked my final product.”

~Meliek Gaynor and “Trying to cook

Remember! You can vote for as many videos as you want once a day for the duration of the contest!

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