What to Make of Disney’s Casting Struggles with “Aladdin”

July 13, 2017

Disney’s live action “Aladdin” movie is running into several struggles with casting the lead roles, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The casting call for the roles was released in March, with production slated to begin in July of this year. Well, July is here and director Guy Ritchie and Disney have yet to find actors for the roles.

The struggles have reportedly been due to the difficulty of finding actors who can sing and dance and are of Middle Eastern or Indian descent. Around 2,000 actors and actresses read for the parts of Aladdin and Jasmine over the last 4 months.

Before frustrations rise over the delay in production this has caused, let’s stop and think about what this means. Disney is focused on getting the casting right, using actors of an accurate ethnicity. If the price to pay for accurate representation is longer casting searches, it would seem to be more than worth it.


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