OpenSource Montana Launches Political Ad Contest for the Montana Governor’s Race 2020

September 6, 2019

Citizens’ Super PAC -, OpenSource Montana – Launches Its Second Political Ad Contest Allowing Every Day Montanans & Filmmakers to Have Their Voices Heard in the Election of Montana’s Governor

$3,100 in Prize Money Goes to the Winning Producers of Ads Chosen by Voters and The Board of OpenSource Montana to be the Most Effective and Compelling

MONTANA, September 5, 2019 – The 2020 Montana Governor’s Election to determine who will serve as Montana’s next Governor is heating up, with the three primary GOP candidates sniping at each other and positioning themselves to appeal to the extreme right-wing of the Montana Republican Party. With both a Democratic and Republican Primary in full-swing, the leadership of OpenSource Montana has launched its second Montana Political Ad Contest, allowing people and filmmakers from all viewpoints to share their stories and have their voices heard publicly in this election contest.

A $1,500.00 first prize, $1,000.00 second prize, $500 third prize and $100 Audience Award will go to the winning advertisements submitted on-line according to the terms of the contest. A combination of public voting and the views of the Board of Directors of OpenSource Montana will determine the winners.

Get involved and learn more about this first OpenSourceMT political ad contest by going here:

“The next Governor of the State of Montana will have some massive challenges that will need to be addressed, including the key issues upon which our organization is focused, such as public education, women’s issues, trade policy and climate change, where agricultural and ranching bankruptcies are having an increasingly DAMAGING impact on our Montana economy.

We are asking Montanans: Are you going to let President Donald Trump and the rubber stamp Republicans who let him get away with his radical policies continue to lead our country and take over the Montana’s Governor’s office? What do you hope for from our next governor – what Montana values does Donald Trump trample that you think our next governor should live up to?

The 2020 Montana Republican Governor Primary race has heated up, with the three highest profile candidates pandering to the most extreme elements of the Montana and national Republican Party. We want to see and hear the opinions of every day Montanans, from all walks of life, so their stories can be told and leveraged to better inform people running for office, to keep Montana great. Much like our first successful political ad contest that focused on healthcare and the poor voting record of U.S. SenatorSteve Daines – with multiple ads soon to be aired on Montana television – we know people are eager to tell their stories, so elected officials and people running for office will better understand the people they serve. We are excited to share with them this opportunity to do so.”

Susan Carstensen, Scott Rosenzweig, Swep Davis, co-Founders of OpenSource Montana

Ads from three of the winners of the previous contest highlighting stories from a future medical provider, a Type One diabetes patient and a woman seeking better healthcare for women will begin running on TV in Montana in September. All of the videos are viewable on the OpenSource Montana Facebook page.

About OpenSource Montana

OpenSource Montana is an independent “Citizens Super PAC”, with a simple goal of protecting what makes our state a great place to make a living and a life, now and for the future. OpenSourceMT works independently to help support and elect candidates who embody those convictions, guided by these core principles:

  • Affordable and effective healthcare for all Montanans.
  • Access to clean rivers, public lands, and a healthy environment.
  • A strong public education system that creates opportunities for our children.
  • Fair and inclusive policies that protect Montana’s families and small businesses.
  • Modern infrastructure to support our growing economy.
  • Fair tax policies that support the growth and future health of the state.
  • Fair and open voting access for all citizens.

OpenSourceMT was founded in 2016 by business leaders engaged with Montana’s high tech sector committed to protecting the unique values that make our state a great place to build businesses and raise families. Our membership has expanded to include a diverse group of business and community leaders dedicated to protecting what makes our state unique, while preparing us for the future. We believe free enterprise and promotion of our core principles are the foundation for our ability to make a living without sacrificing our quality of life. Please read the mission statement and learn more at


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