‘Transformation’ – when jump-roping is extraordinary.

June 19, 2014

From ordinary to the extraordinary

Transformation, directed, shot and edited by Bobby Jahrig, is a three-minute adrenaline rush. The film features Erin Williams who is, “Rope-jumping, jump-roping, rope-skipping—whatever you choose to call it.”

When Erin grips her metal-handled cable jump rope, she rids herself of all doubt, negativity and anxiety and steps quickly (about 65 miles per hour) into the “thrill of creating new movement.” Splits, push-ups, twists, hand stands, one-handed cartwheels, between the legs, lassoing her jump-rope like a cowgirl, striking her legs like a yogi acrobat — Erin’s rope-jumping prowess is a thrilling spectacle. You see a transformation from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

audience awards griz vs cat student filmmaker competition She responds to the rush of the rope with a Zen master’s attitude of surrender. “The more I am stripped down raw and real, reassured that I am more competent, more capable, calm, positive and at peace, when I take that moment to jump.” Erin works through her welts: she transforms and transcends. But she does so in a modest way. Her obvious aptitude at jumping roping does not limit her accessibility. She reminds you of that friend you met freshman year of college and still hear from every month. Erin is a strong and honest young woman and I gathered this in just under three minutes.

This character development speaks to Jahrig’s filming abilities. He exhibits her humble, confident personality and athletic accomplishments energetically. His transitions are as sharp as the sound of Erin’s jump rope slapping the wood floor. The music that he chooses echoes both Erin’s vigorous and meditative moods.

To check out this enlightened short, click here.

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