Travel Brands Must Inspire and Collect User-Generated Content

October 29, 2015


High ROI Video UGC For Travel Brands

The traditional ways travelers used to plan and experience their dream vacations have drastically changed. Gone are the days of requesting brochures, flipping through guidebooks or calling destinations to ask a plethora of questions.

According to a 2014 Google report, 83% of people reference social networking, video, or photo sites for travel inspiration. That means high-resolution photos, high-definition video, and authentic testimonials that make travelers feel as if they’ve undergone a guest experience before they ever make a reservation are must haves in every marketing campaign. User-generated content has proven to extend a user’s time on site up to nearly 7 minutes for major travel brands, but acquiring that guest media is easier said than done… Skift.

It’s a good thing then that people love to talk about the amazing places they’ve visited: It’s simply human nature. What isn’t as intuitive is finding the right places to connect with those people and have them share their stories and experiences with your brand. If pictures are worth a thousand words then, videos must be worth millions right? Well actually, repeated studies have shown that online video is more engaging than text or photos. Forrester Research discovered that one minute of video contains the power of 1.8 million words. Nothing is more powerful than stories told by consumers about the travel destinations they have visited and love. They can convey a whole experience in a way that a 30 second commercial spot or blog simply can’t.
Now, just imagine having a network of filmmakers at your disposal to create the content you want and drive engagement to that content through a video contest-hosting platform. If unique pieces of video content built by a network of content creators sounds good to you then, The Audience Awards is your one-stop shop.

The proof is in the pudding, right? Well, here you go! The Montana Office of Tourism partnered with The Audience Awards to host the Real Montana Showcase Video Contest. Their mission was to strengthen Montana’s economy through the promotion of the state as a vacation destination and film location. They wanted to capture content across five categories. Outdoor Adventure, Art & Culture, Wildlife and Scenery, Food & Beverage and Montana Places. The results were more than impressive and anecdotal evidence of the contest’s success continues to roll in.

The Results:



       140 1-minute films



       8 million+ social impressions



       512,000+ views



       178,592 total votes cast


The overall winning video: Colin Ruggiero

Still from "Montana" By Collin Ruggiero

Still from “Montana” By Collin Ruggiero




As the leading source in travel content creation, The Audience Awards knows that it’s not just about travel but rather the entire experience itself. That experience must be captured and presented in a way that speaks to travelers on an emotional level and tells a deeper story about your destination. The Audience Awards helps Travel Brands connect with filmmakers that will tell those stories and market those films across all their social platforms creating a huge ROI! Filmmakers create the content, Travel Brands now own shared rights to the content created and everyone involved gains major visibility through a social contest platform. It’s a win/win for all concerned.

The Audience Awards provides filmmakers opportunities to create short video content for brands and win money. Sign up today for your free account and join film’s community.


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