VidCon US 2022


June 3, 2022

VidCon US is back in person and brilliant.

VidCon US is back on track with an in-person venue this June 22 – 25 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. Talk about excitement! Let’s break this convention down, highlight what you don’t want to miss, and get you on your way to an exciting week of performances, speakers, panels, and parties.

What? You don’t know what VidCon is?

Well, let’s get that out of the way right now. First, it’s a convention. A big one that happens once a year. You’ll see brands, creators, executives, and fans at the event. There’s a bunch that happens, but the main thing is VidCon showcases the best-known internet video stars.

VidCon started in 2010 and was held at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Los Angeles, California. There were a bit over 1,400 people who attended then. Now, it’s not uncommon to see over 75,000 people in attendance. Wow, what a staggering difference and what an event to experience.

VidCon 2020 and 2021 were virtual experiences since we were still in the whirlpool of the pandemic. There was a hopeful attempt in 2021 to host it in person, delaying the event from the standard summer schedule to an early fall, but it was called off. Finally, though, VidCon US 2022 is back in person!

VidCon International

VidCon showcases both a convention in the United States and internationally. If you’re up for traveling, find out more here. You can click on the venue you’re interested in and make plans. Travel to Asia, London, or Madrid. Not interested in those? Try Australia, México, São Paulo, or Abu Dhabi. The choice is yours, though not all venues showcase VidCon this year, so double-check the dates.

Now, let’s highlight VidCon US.

VidCon US Tracks & Tickets

VidCon is broken into three tracks: Industry, Creator, and Community. You’ll need to know what each track entails, so when you buy your tickets, you’re buying the tickets that best fit what you want to accomplish while attending VidCon.

Industry Track

Industry Track is all about the industry. In short, this is where you’ll learn about “the future of online video.” If you’re attending VidCon in a professional capacity to meet the big wigs of the online and digital world, this is the ticket for you. Want to see what’s up and coming with social media? Rub shoulders with those that are in the virtual thick of it? Then you’ll want to get the 4-day Industry Track Ticket that gets you in for the entire event, including all Community Track panels, parties, and performances.

Further, VidCon is throwing an Industry reception, where you can kick off the event. So, no sooner you get there, you’re meeting fellow industry people and connecting. This ticket runs for $799.

Creator Track

Creator Track is for creators who wish to build their influence and learn how to bolster their brand online. You’ll have access to workshops and creator sessions, and you can check out the Outdoor Festival concerts. Additionally, you’ll have access to a multitude of parties and performances. Creators also receive a reception. The 4-day Creator Track Ticket is $189.

Community Track

You get three options for the Community Track. Firstly, there’s the 4-day Community Track ticket for $129. This ticket gives you access to the Outdoor Festival concerts and the Community Track panels, parties, and performances. Plus more.

Secondly, you’ve got the 4-day Community Track Chaperone ticket. This baby runs $119 and gives you similar perks as the above-mentioned Community Track ticket, but this one is for those attending VidCon with their kids. Remember, if your kids are 9 years old or older, they need to have their own Community Track ticket.

Thirdly, there’s the Community Track ticket, which is a day ticket. You can get this ticket for $59, and this gives you single-day access to either the Friday or Saturday events.

Featured Creators at VidCon US 2022

VidCon will showcase Featured Creators, which rounds out to over 280 different creators you can check out. Thus, you can find the list of creators here.  We won’t be able to touch on every single creator being showcased, but we can give a few highlights.

Fatima – Iconicgreen

Vidcon US 2022 - Fatima (Iconicgreen)Fatima, also known as Iconicgreen, is avid about creating TikTok videos to make people happy. She’s undoubtedly funny, creative, and makes videos with her sisters. Her sisters are also featured creators at VidCon. You can check out her sisters Anisa (Iconicyellow) and Munera (Iconiccpinkk). All of their platforms instill empowerment, diversity, and inclusivity.





Vidcon US 2022 - SeanDoesMagicSeanDoesMagic is all about magic, and his followers love him. Want to see a mind-bending card trick? Or how about illusions that make you question reality? He’s the master of short-form content, which is what people gravitate toward nowadays. The number of followers he’s accumulated is phenomenal. Want to know what it is? On TikTok alone, he has 20 million, and he carries around 3.8 million on YouTube. This means he’s “the fastest growing creator on the platform.”


Strange Aeons

Vidcon US 2022 - Strange AeonsStrange Aeons is a YouTuber, making videos about her experiences growing up LGBTQ+. Aeons also creates videos about her reading preferences which are “the finest fan fiction and obscure trash literature.” Or she’ll dive into cooking adventures, and Internet subculture. Her followers on YouTube are edging close to an even one million. You can also find her on Instagram.



Alexia de Valle

Vidcon US 2022 - Alexia Del ValleAlexia del Valle is what we call a multi-hyphenate creative. Subsequently, she wears many creative hats. She’s funny, charismatic, beautiful, and definitely outgoing. Not only is she young, 23 years old, but her online presence is relatively recent, a bit over a year. With over 1.5 million followers on TikTok and thousands more on Instagram and YouTube, she’s definitely hooked people’s attention.




Fantastic Speakers: Industry & Creator

There’s a whole lineup of Creator and Industry speakers. You can choose from 128 Industry speakers and from 93 Creator speakers. Basically, we’ve highlighted a few to peak your interest, but you can find the full lineup of Industry speakers here and the full list of Creator speakers here.

Industry Speakers

VidCon US 2022 - Nicole SchlegelNicole Schlegel is the VP of Global Digital Marketing at Universal Pictures. Consequently, her resume is stellar. To give you a taste of what this amazing woman has been up to, here’s a list of projects she’s worked on over the years: The Purge, Trolls World Tour, Bridesmaids, Pitch Perfect, Mamma Mia!, The Croods: A New Age, Fifty Shades franchises, How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, and Atomic Blonde to name a few.



VidCon US 2022 - Ashley YukiAshley Yuki is Co-Head of Product at Instagram. Now, Yuki didn’t start out with Instagram. First, she attended the University of Pennsylvania and obtained a dual degree in Computer Science and Engineering. And let’s not forget her BS in Economics, Marketing, and Healthcare Management from The Wharton School. Part of her background includes working for Facebook for eight years. Additionally, she’s passionate about having more women in tech.



VidCon US 2022 - Bryan ReisbergBryan Reisberg started out as a guy with his dog. Simple, really, but he needed a unique bag to carry his darling Maxine. While finding the right bag, he created a following of over 4.5 million. Then the idea turned into him getting together with his partner, collecting a few top product designers and manufacturers, and making the bag of Maxine’s dreams. Hence, Little Chonk was created—”a creator-driven brand for a new generation of pet parents.”



Creator Speakers

VidCon US 2022 - Kristine ThompsonKristine Thompson created in 2013. She highlights fashion and lifestyle topics on her blog for all shapes and sizes. A community of women have grown around her blog, and she inspires many women to be themselves and embrace the size they are—hence, style has no size limits. Online and print publications have featured Thompson: Essence, Glamour, People StyleWatch, and Vogue Italia. She’s started KIN by Kristine, her own clothing brand, in 2019. You can find her plus-size clothing in Nordstrom.


VidCon US 2022 - Cat ValdesCat Valdes’s got experience galore. Check this out, she launched her first YouTube channel in 2008—Catrific. Valdes gained over one million followers, which pushed her to produce more than a thousand videos, generating more than 65 million views. Eventually, known companies started to use her as an influencer for their products: Honda, Intel, McDonalds, Starbucks, Coke, Apple, Nestle, and others. And there’s more. Her resume is plum full, but let’s surge ahead to what she’s doing now at Jellysmack. Chiefly, she’s helping “talented creators understand the powerful opportunities afforded by taking their content across multiple social platforms.”

VidCon US 2022 - Patrick StarrrPatrick Starrr has pizzazz! Here’s the quick and dirty, he’s a digital creator and a celebrity make-up artist. Starrr’s worked with names like Jessica Alba, Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian West, Kris Jenner, and Tyra Banks to name a few. Being an avid attendee at red carpet events and fashion shows, he’s in the know and generates a powerful influence. Check out his beauty brand ONE/SIZE Beauty.


What else is happening at VidCon US?

Let’s start with the Innovation Showcase, which will highlight startup companies making a difference in the online video industry. These are the ones that are “building creative new solutions.” These companies will showcase June 23 – June 24. You can learn more about the Innovation Showcase here.

The VidCon Creator Certification Program is a definite perk for both Creator and Industry Track attendees. The program offers three categories to be certified in Career Essentials, Production Skills, and Audience Development. Of course, you’ll need to make sure you attend what’s required and get your bracelet scanned, so it’d be good to check here for all the specifics. The last time VidCon offered its certification program was in 2019, so this is a great opportunity to connect with fellow creators, benefit from industry leaders, and propel your career forward.


What about VidCon rules? Hotels? Covid-19 safety?

Now that we’ve done a quick review, maybe you’ve got a bunch of questions, even some concerns. No need to worry. VidCon’s taken the time to put together a helpful page on their website full of information.

Concerned about Covid-19? You can find what VidCon is doing to keep attendees safe here.

Maybe you have questions about traveling to Anaheim and securing a hotel? They have a quick link to hook you up with hotels that you can compare to find the best price and fit. Furthermore, you can find information on the Anaheim Convention Center, where it’s located, and what the neighborhood is like. Find what you need here.

What if you’re attending with a child? VidCon has information on attending with children, safety, and what age a child needs to be to have their own ticket. You can find that information here.

Want to see VidCon’s full agenda? Go here to get the full agenda. Maybe you’d rather just see the highlights? You can find the Agenda at a Glance here.

Of course, if you need other information regarding policies for safety and inclusivity, general FAQs, or contacting VidCon, go here.


In conclusion . . .

We’ve given you highlights, linked you to ticket prices, and directed you to where to go to get your questions answered. All in all, VidCon US will be fantastic this year, and we hope you get ready and get going and enjoy this fabulous opportunity. Meet up with fellow creators, check out what’s up and coming in the industry, and inspire yourself to create and get involved. But most of all, have fun!




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