AudPop's Rockin' Pride Month


June 9, 2022

How long have we showcased LGBTQ+ films?


With your help, we kicked things off eight years ago with our first LGBTQ Video Contest in the summer of 2014. Ethan Rocke won that contest, and we’re undoubtedly excited to highlight his film again, along with so many others. It’s definitely one of our essential goals to continue to offer a platform for LGBTQ+ themes and stories.

Because of that goal, we haven’t stopped. Unquestionably, we’re committed to the LGBTQ+ community. Therefore, we continue to cultivate opportunities.

And we’ve done it again.

AudPop recently held our 2022 Pride Film Challenge. The submission deadline was June 15, and we received several great films and videos. Audience voting is currently open until June 22. We need your help picking the winners, so watch the films and vote.

Once voting is complete, and the jury results are in, we’ll announce the winners on June 29. Keep an eye out on our social media and our bimonthly newsletter. We’re excited to share LGBTQ+ themes and stories with the world.

With that in mind, we wanted to showcase our history of sharing LGBTQ+ stories from around the globe. Let’s start with AudPop’s top six winning LGBTQ+ films.


AudPop’s Top 6 Winning LGBTQ+ films.


1. Four Letters – Ethan Rocke

AudPop's Rockin' Pride Month - Four Letters - Ethan Rocke

Firstly, let’s start with Four Letters. This film tells the story of Nicola and Meg Cowie, who worked to change the law in Oregon to redefine the definition of marriage in 2014.


2. Kiss Me Softly – Anthony Schatteman

AudPop's Rockin' Pride Month - Kiss Me Softly - Anthony Schatteman

Kiss Me Softly is an autobiographical short film relaying Anthony’s experience of coming out to his father, who was a famous Belgium singer.


3. We Are All Human – Arianne Kunze

AudPop's Rocking' Pride Month - We Are All Human - Ariane Kunze

We Are All Human is about a deaf boy who realizes he’s in the wrong body when he starts to develop breasts, and this is his transgender story.


4. Brix and The Bitch – Nico Raineau

AudPop's Rockin' Pride Month - Brix And The Bitch - Nico Rainaeu

Brix and the Bitch is not for the faint of heart. This film delves into the choices we may be presented with when we’re desperate to change our circumstances. Undoubtedly, the choices we make are not always easy or pleasant.


5. Muxes – Ivan Olita

AudPop's Rockin' Pride Month - Muxes - Ivan Olita

Muxes highlights an area surrounding Juchitán, where the Zapotec people don’t delineate between two genders. By and large, this film shows what’s possible.


6. Two Words – Jesper Emborg

AudPop's Rockin' Pride Month - Two Words - Jesper Emborg

Two Words encompasses the story of living a lie for decades and finally revealing the truth, regardless of the consequences.


AudPop’s Rockin’ Pride Month, and we want you to join us!

Take some time and watch these fantastic films. By all means, engage and celebrate Pride Month in any way you’d like. We’ve just closed our Pride Film Challenge, but we continue to offer a multitude of challenges and contests throughout the year. And remember, if your film/video wins its prospective contest or challenge, it screens at AudFest.

AudFest is our once-a-year diversity and innovation celebration. The lineup consists of brands, agencies, video content creators, filmmakers, and creative technology leaders. In short, we explore how they are building, growing, and shaping the video economy. AudFest 2021 was a blast, and AudFest 2022 will be even better. Especially if your film or video is on the screening schedule for the event.

Mostly though, we hope you join us in celebrating Pride Month and take some time to visit the 2022 Pride Film Challenge voting page to watch films and cast your vote. Voting is open until June 22. We’ll announce the winners on June 29 on social media and in our bimonthly newsletter. Go here to cast your vote.

Thanks for joining us as we showcase our history of LGBTQ+ stories from around the globe. 




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