'She is Electable' Film Challenge

Empowering women running for office with She Is Electable film challenge

November 2, 2020

Let’s begin with an easy question: What are the main characteristics of most worldwide political representatives? (We promise this isn’t a trick question.) You may answer, “Men.” And, you’d be right.

But, let’s go a bit deeper. If you identify as a woman, you are more than likely aware that these men are the ones who hold your own choices in their hands. The issue? They don’t hold a true understanding of what it’s like—or what it means—to be you. 

That’s why it’s inspiring and empowering when female representatives take the stage. Because it not only makes you feel seen and heard, it makes you feel hopeful—to speak up, to take a stand, and to support.

That’s where Electable—an online community of women who want to run, win, and lead in local offices—comes in. Electable provides the tools and resources to get elected in your local community, specifically for women who are ready to do something about the status quo.

Step 1

Many, all over the world, are or have these types of women running for office in their communities. Electable wants to get to know who those women are—whether they’re currently running, ran in the past, or are planning to in the future. It doesn’t matter if they’ve been a longtime community activist, or a well-known business leader tired of watching intractable community problems remained unsolved. Whatever the story is, Electable wants to know. 

That’s why they partnered with AudPop to start a She Is Electable film challenge to hear those stories—because AudPop and Electable believe she is electable.

Step 2

Next in line to make this happen are the panel of judges. Carefully selected by Electable, these representatives judged each submission on creativity, technical merit, fresh and diverse perspectives, and adherence to the assignment. All candidates had to do was submit a one-to-two minute video that spotlights a woman who has run, is planning to run, or is currently running for a local elected office in her community.

Here are the judges:

  • Ari Afsar: A singer/songwriter (placements on ABC, Disney, and Amazon) who is a graduate of UCLA School of Music as an Ethnomusicology Jazz major. She co-wrote Jeannette, a musical that brings to life the story of suffrage activist, social worker, and first woman elected to Congress, Jeannette Rankin. Afsar has opened for Michelle Obama, performed in the U.S. Institute of Peace, presented before Gloria Steinhem, been highlighted by Jane Fonda, and opened at the ACLU national conference. 
  • Anise Parker: The President and CEO of Victory Fund and Victory Institute, she is the first former elected official to lead the organizations and has served six years as a councilmember, city controller, and mayor of Houston City. She is only one of two women to have been elected mayor, as well as the first openly LGBTQ mayor of a major U.S. city. She was listed as Time magazine’s “100 Most Influential People of 2010,” as well as a member of President Obama’s Task Force on Climate Preparedness and Resilience. 

Step 3

13 films were submitted to the She Is Electable film challenge—and subsequently, the judges had their work cut out for them. Here’s what they selected:


Film:When I Grow Up

Filmmaker: Krystal Harris

Prize: $2,000

“This contest meant a lot to me. As a mother myself, I am so appreciative of the support for electable women. It’s inspiring to see mothers, sisters and daughters making a difference in their communities. Winning to me meant that more people knew about my candidate and that we can hopefully flip this seat this election. Thank you Electable!!”

Honorable mention 

Film:Why We Run

Filmmaker: Sara Nesson

Prize: $1,000

“The ‘She is Electable’ film challenge inspired me to reach out to my own elected officials and offer my skills as a filmmaker to help make a difference in this high stakes election and give back to my community. It made my day when I saw one viewer’s reaction to the video who after seeing it, voted for them. I can confidently say–these women are electable! I am so grateful to AudPop for this kind of social impact film challenge and the opportunity to showcase my work.”

Honorable mention

Film:Ali Rabe for Idaho State Senate

Filmmaker: Katy Briber

Prize: $1,000

Honorable mention

Film:Lisa Martin for Mayor

Filmmaker: Alexa Sheehan

Prize: $1,000


Monique Efta

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