2017 Adventure Shorts Film Festival Winners

September 5, 2017

Audience Awards invited filmmakers to submit to our 2017 Adventure Shorts Film Festival and our community of filmmakers did not disappoint! From a wide selection of submissions, our jurors selected three fantastic shorts that best embodied the meaning of adventure!

In first place was Shams’s Red Bull Dedicate: Diving Free, a short documentary about underwater photographer Jacques de Vos’s love for ocean adventuring and scuba diving. Jacques’ passion for ocean life and sea travel shines through in this beautifully shot and scored 8 minute short. Said Shams about the difficulties of making the film, “ To follow Jacques, our main character in the film, you need to be pretty reactive and fast! Jacques is like a kid and he never stops running all day on the boat looking for the animals!”

Red Bull Dedicate: Diving Free

Watch, Red Bull Dedicate: Diving Free by Shams

In second place was Lucas Jatoba’s Phenomenality, a short documentary about Ric Friar, an accomplished UK surfer who tackled bigger waves than anyone before him. With music, colors, and graphics that feel like they’ve popped straight out of the 70s, Jatoba’s film recounts Friar’s surf adventures with enormous psychedelic energy and pay tribute to a surfing legend!


Watch, Phenomenality by Lucas Jatoba

Taking third place and rounding out our winner’s trio was Max Lowe and Lindsey Hagen’s Slacker, a documentary about slackliner Terry Acomb. Lowe and Hagen use Terry Acomb and his love for slacklining and general adrenaline-pumping activities to give us a glimpse into the lives of contemporary American fitness adventurers.


Watch, Slacker by Max Lowe and Lindsey Hagen

Thank you to all who submitted and congratulations to our winners! We look forward to seeing the top three films premiere at AudFest 2018!


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