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Amazing LGBTQ+ Films: AudPop Celebrating Pride Month

June 22, 2022

AudPop continues to celebrate Pride Month with more amazing LGBTQ+ films.

As our AudPop’s Rockin’ Pride Month article said, we’ve been showcasing LGBTQ+ films and videos since 2014. We’ve had eight solid years of offering a platform for your voices and stories to hit a global audience, so we can help transform our world.

Recently, we opened voting on the films submitted to our 2022 Pride Film Challenge. We couldn’t be more excited about the finalists’ work. They delivered fantastic films, and we hope you’ll take some time to view their films and cast your vote.

Your LGBTQ+ films and videos continue to push our voices higher so more people can hear our stories. And that’s what’s needed to create change.

Our AudPop’s Rockin’ Pride Month article highlighted the 1st Place Winners over the past eight years. Now, let’s look at the 2nd and 3rd Place Winners from the past eight years.


7 Winning LGBTQ+ films.


1. Now This Is Living – Rachel Walker

2nd Place Winner - 2015 Up & Left an LGBTQ Short Video Contest - Now This Is Living - Rachel Walker

Now This Is Living is a short, 13-minute documentary that explores Shannon’s life: online relationships, the struggles of coming out, and her Greek heritage.


2. Stories That We Could Have Told – Anthony Schatteman

3rd Place Winner - Up & Left an LGBTQ Short Video Contest - Stories That We Could Have Told

Stories That We Could Have Told is interesting in that there was no script, no shooting plan, and the actors weren’t schooled in acting, but they tell an emotional story.


3. Princess Jack – Lesley Johnson

217 LGBTQ Shorts Film Festival - Princess Jack

Princess Jack tells the story of Jack, an autistic boy, who loves dresses, hats, wigs, and makeup. Not only do we get to see Jack’s uniqueness and intelligence, but we also witness how he’s supported in his life.


4. Follow Me – Anthony Schatteman

Follow Me - Anthony Schatteman

Follow Me is about Jasper, an eighteen-year-old who’s in love, and the longing and confusion accompanying his desire. This film is a sequel to Kiss Me Softly, a 1st place-winning film we showcased in AudPop’s Rockin’ Pride Month.


5. Teagan – Igor Coric

Teagan - Igor Coric

Teagan uses animation and voiceover to tell her story of transition from male to female and the emotional low of not being herself and then the happiness that comes with transforming into her true self.


6. The Goodbye – George Velez Junior

The Goodbye - George Velez Junior

The Goodbye is about Joe, who is given the devastating news of having only six months left to live. Needless to say, he finds his voice and finally expresses himself.


7. Silver Light – Fred Kuhr

Silver Light - Fred Kuhr

Silver Light tells the story of Frederick, a Vancouver-based electro-pop recording artist, who was openly gay. The music accompanying the film is Frederick’s.


2022 Pride Film Challenge Finalists

We recently closed our 2022 Pride Film Challenge. We received numerous films, and this year’s finalists knocked our socks off. Audience voting is open until June 22, and we need your help choosing the winners. Check out their amazing LGBTQ+ films and vote for your favorite.

2022 Pride Film Challenge Finalists - AudPop

When the audience and the jury votes are tallied, we will announce the winners on June 29 on social media. We’ll also highlight the winners in our bimonthly newsletter, so keep an eye out. We are thrilled to share LGBTQ+ films with you and the world.

Don’t wait. Go here to cast your vote and pick your favorite LGBTQ+ film for 2022!





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