Forward-thinking Collaboration Between UWOW3 and AudPop


April 7, 2022

Unstoppable Women of Web3 (UWOW3) and AudPop challenged women to get more involved in Web3. Not surprisingly, women took the challenge!

Though, before we get started, what is Web3? Indeed, we all know what the internet is. Maybe we even know there have been two versions so far, and we’re on version two. Web3 is a third-generation, all-inclusive, transparent, and socially responsible internet. Of course, we want more women involved. We’d be crazy not to.

UWOW3 and AudPop TikTok Video Contest

UWOW3 and AudPop launched a TikTok Video Contest to engage women into talking about Web3. The idea was simple. Create and submit a TikTok video. Feature a woman describing her knowledge, passion, and experience in Web3. Filmmakers also needed to address three questions:

  • What Web3 meant to them.
  • Why the interest in Web3.
  • What they wished they knew before starting their Web3 journey.

Furthermore, they needed to invite all viewers to engage. Join in the conversation on March 8 on Twitter Spaces. Follow @UnstoppableWow3 on Twitter and #UWOW3.

Consequently, AudPop received many videos, and posted them throughout social media. Basically, the idea was to draw as much attention to the collaboration. Also, we wanted to get women involved in the discussion of Web3 on Twitter Spaces. As well as the YouTube Live event hosted by UWOW3 on March 8.

The March 8 event lasted 24 hours. Women discussed Web3 on a multitude of panels. Basically, they addressed why involving more women from the ground up is imperative.

The CEO of AudPop, Paige Williams, hosted a panel with AudPop’s CCO Vivien Vitolo. Williams and Vitolo emphatically discussed the importance of Web3 and getting women involved. Scilla Andreen, founder of IndieFlix participated. Sara Quiriconi, the Grand Prize winner of the TikTok Video Contest also joined in. And Al Pacino’s daughter, Julie Pacino, took part in Williams and Vitolo’s panel. Robust discussion ensued because empowering women is important to all who contributed. As a side note, Julie Pacino has raised funds for the first fully-funded NFT film. Pacino will begin filming this summer in San Luis Obispo, CA.

The panels were passionate, engaged, and well attended. It was a success and a great way to get women talking about Web3 and how they can get fired up and involved.


Paige Williams & Sandy Carter

AudPop CEO, Paige Williams with UWOW3 founder, Sandy Carter

AudPop CEO Paige Williams met up with Sandy Carter at this year’s SXSW Conference. Carter is the founder of UWOW3. She’s a major player in getting women involved in Web3 and decentralizing the web. Carter is the Senior Vice President and Channel Chief at Unstoppable Domains. She’s a powerhouse with a fierce determination. Carter wants to “onboard the world onto the decentralized web by building blockchain based identity platform.”

Carter is a bonafide “tech girl” with 20 plus years of experience in technology. She’s been the Chairman of the Board for Girls in Tech and the Vice President of Amazon Web Services. She’s authored five books covering social media, business, and marketing. CNN listed her on their 10 Most Powerful Women in Tech and Women of M2M (IoT). Forbes named her on their Global Top 40 Marketing Masters List. An influencer and international speaker, she gets it done. Carter likes discussing Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and machine learning. If you’re not familiar with Carter and Web3, we encourage you to take the time to learn and get engaged.


Paige Williams & Vivien Vitolo

AudPop CEO, Paige Williams and AudPop CCO, Vivien Vitolo – Top 100 Inspirational Women in Web3

Guess who made UWOW3’s Top 100 Women of Web3 list? For one, our very own Paige Williams. And our other AudPop favorite, Vivien Vitolo.

Other names you may recognize on the list are Reese Witherspoon and Paris Hilton. Regardless though, all the ladies who made the list are fueling Web3 change for women, including AudPop. You can see the whole list here.

Furthermore, AudPop makes a difference through contests and challenges. Just like the collaboration between UWOW3 and AudPop on the TikTok Video Contest. The goal behind the contest was to get women engaged in tech. Chiefly, create a fire about Web3. And, even more, generate vital conversations on involving women in Web3.

Again, AudPop had another successful challenge with the TikTok Video Contest! Creating avenues of expression for women to dive in and get involved.




Sara Quiriconi

Sara Quiriconi

Sara Quiriconi was the Grand Prize winner with her video, Getting Started in Web 3.0 Tips and MY JourneyQuiriconi is a big Web3 advocate. She’s a filmmaker and an actor. Also, a NFT creator, podcast host, and entrepreneur. And let’s not forget creative producer, and well(th)being educator. She resides in Studio City, CA, and runs her own business, Live Free Media. Her business focuses on conscious crypto, travel, health, and wellth. She hosts the Never Settle podcast.

You can check out her TikTok video here.



Maggi Mayfield

Maggi Mayfield

Maggi Mayfield took Second Place with her video, Don’t Leave Us Behind in Crypto. Mayfield lives in Austin, TX, running her business MMMade It Media. In addition, she’s a comedic actor with a musical flare. She’s taken her musical comedy all over the nation, performing in clubs and festivals. Mayfield trained at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in NY. She also received training at The Academy of Radio & Television Broadcasting. She’s received a bachelor’s at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Find her TikTok video here.




Somi Arian

Somi Arian

Somi Arian landed Third Place with her video, FemPeak AudPop WOW3 Video. Arian is the founder and CEO of FemPeak. Her company’s mission is to elevate “women’s socioeconomic status.” She addresses the impacts of technology on women when she speaks. Moreover, her workshops traverse leadership, business, society, marketing, and HR. She’s the founder of Smart Cookie Media. Arian’s involved in the Think Tank for Women in Business & Technology. She’s an author and award-winning filmmaker. Also, an entrepreneur, tech philosopher, and a LinkedIn-Top-Voice. Arian resides in London, UK.

You can watch her TikTok video here.



Andrea Bensussen

Andrea Bensussen

Andrea Bensussen collected the Most Audience Votes for her film, Incredible Supernatural Women. Bensussen is the CEO of Bensussen Art Features. Her business specializes in creating feature films and commercials. Bensussen is a SAG/AFTRA actress and a dancer. She’s also a filmmaker and photographer. Additionally, her passion resonates in performing and entertaining. Bensussen currently lives in the Newport Beach area in California.

Check out her TikTok video here.





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