2017 Comedy Shorts Film Festival Winners

October 11, 2017

We asked our Audience Awards community to make us laugh, and our filmmakers didn’t disappoint! We received a myriad of submissions to our Comedy Shorts Film Festival, and through smirks and smiles, our judges narrowed down the submissions to the winning three.

In first was Janne Schmidt’s Giraffe, a quirky glimpse into the lives of a fictitious call center company that specializes in providing their patrons with realistic animal impersonations over the phone. Clever, odd, and original, it’s no surprise that Giraffe took our top prize. Said Schmidt, “I feel honored that Giraffe is a part of this platform [Audience Awards] now.”

Giraffe Short

Watch Giraffe by Janne Schmidt

Our runner-up was director Trevor Smith’s Dollar King, a 15-minute comedy about a crime-gone-wrong then gone-wrong-again. Wonderfully plotted and full of twist after twist, Smith’s film has everything anyone could want to see in a robbery gone awry.

Dollar King by Trevor Smith

Watch Dollar King by Trevor Smith

In third place was the satirical Alternative Math, by filmmaker David Maddox. A clever commentary on contemporary politics, told through the story of an earnest math teacher forced to deal with a community of parents adamant about alternative methods in math, Maddox’s film is both comical and poignant.

Alternative Math by David Maddox

Watch Alternative Math by David Maddox

A huge thanks to our community of creative and funny filmmakers who submitted, and hearty congratulations to all the winners! We look forward to seeing the top three films premiere at AudFest 2018!


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