Announcing AudPop TV Short Film Library

August 16, 2019

AudPop TV features the best short film library on the planet. It’s like having the best short films from all around the world, right in your pocket. Here is our origin story.

Back in 2006 having completed my MFA in Media Arts, I grabbed a couple of my film school buddies (thanks Travis and Bryce), and we traveled down to Mississippi to make our first feature documentary, Mississippi Queen. MySpace was huge, Kickstarter wasn’t a thing, and YouTube hadn’t finished their deal with Google. To raise money for the documentary, I made a video on YouTube, posted it to Myspace and somehow connected my PayPal button. (Lesson learned: Create businesses that solves problems).

We went on to make Queen over the next two years and got it out on the festival circuit. It did all right, traveling the film festival circuit screening at 100 festivals and a handful of times, it even won the Audience Awards. Cinetic Media picked it up and I met a lot of great filmmakers and people in the entertainment industry, thus my career was born.

Fast forward to 2013. I was depleted from a recent 3-year documentary project, From Place to Place– following 6 kids as they aged out of foster care. I started looking for something new to bite into that could make a larger impact.

I was helping the Montana Film Office think of ways to bring content to their newly formed Youtube channels. I thought back to my festival experience and birthed the idea of AudPop. This time, I started the company.

The original idea for Audience Awards was to fill a need I saw – connecting filmmakers, films, audiences, and opportunities through online film festivals. I started asking brands to sponsor these festivals. A few of them asked if they could run their own festival or even….video contests. Then video contests and AudPop became synonymous.

And we kept working that original idea – online film festivals showcasing films from across the world and allowing the global audience and an industry jury to determine the winners. As a result, we have now operated over 100 film festivals in multiple genres including Adventure, Horror, LGBTQ, Made by Women, Love, Action, Live-Action, Animation, Wild & Green, Documentary, Faith & Spirituality, and more.

Two results I am thrilled about:

  1. Our filmmakers are naturally diverse. There are no gatekeepers, so everyone gets a chance.
  2. As a result of the original idea of operating online film festivals, we now have the largest short film library in the world, curated by the audience and industry.

AudPop is passionate about activating this content and celebrating our diverse, mega-talented filmmakers with you. We are so pleased to bring you the best of our talent highlighting the top short films from our library in our newly formed OTT channel.

You can take advantage of a 30-day free trial and support these brilliant indie filmmakers.

It’s like having the best short films from all of the film festivals in the world, right in your pocket.

About AudPop

AudNews is the official blog for AudPop provides filmmakers opportunities to advance their career, a short film library of 10,000+ titles, and a video marketing platform to provide video marketing services for brands, small businesses, nonprofits, studios, and distributors.


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