Announcing OpenSource Montana’s Political Healthcare Video Ad Contest Winners

July 1, 2019

Audience Awards is thrilled to announce the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners of the OSMT Montana Political Healthcare Ad Contest. OpenSource Montana sponsored this contest “to effect change and influence the 2020 vote.” The top three were meticulously chosen, along with a Special Audience Award Choice Award.

“These intensely personal, painful and informative stories are helping to raise awareness among our citizens as well as our elected officials regarding the devastating state of healthcare in our country,” said Susan Carstensen, Chair, OpenSource Montana Board of Directors.  “For OpenSource Montana, these video stories are the voices of Montana that we will continue to promote in order to pressure elected officials to improve access and affordability of healthcare, including coverage of pre-existing conditions.  We are grateful to all who submitted their stories and are honored to have such wonderful participation in this first contest of its kind in Montana.” 
“These videos have such character and authenticity,” said Paige Williams, CEO of Audience Awards, the Montana-based company that facilitated the Opensource Montana healthcare stories video competition.  “We love the engagement and results of this contest as these videos will make an important impact in Montana’s 2020 election.”

Check out the winners of the OSMT Montana Political Healthcare Ad Contest. Become engaged and inspired!

1st Place Winner - OSMT Montana Political Healthcare Ad Contest

1st Place Winner – Envisioning the Future of Healthcare Through the Eyes of a Pre-medical Student

Andrew Zwijack, Filmmaker

Andrew Zwijack filmed Envisioning the Future of Healthcare from his own point of view as a pre-medical student. He has strong hopes of providing “high-value, affordable healthcare to [his] community.” He challenges Montana healthcare policy positions and the effects they will have on future Montanans.

2nd Place Winner - OSMT Montana Political Healthcare Ad Contest

2nd Place Winner – Heroes

Gaaby Patterson, Filmmaker

Heroes is the untold story of parents who care for children with disabilities and the lack of services provided to them through Montana’s healthcare system. The financial burden is a crushing blow, especially when all a parent wishes to do is care for their child. This story tells the personal story of Jessica Spears and her son.

3rd Place Winner - OSMT Montana Political Healthcare Ad Contest

3rd Place Winner – Affordable Care for Montanans with Type 1 Diabetes

Marshall Granger, Filmmaker

Affordable Care for Montanans discusses the skyrocketing costs of care for diabetics, particularly when it comes to their insulin. All diabetics need affordable and comprehensive healthcare to manage the costs, for diabetes is a managed disease, not a curable one.

Special Audience Award Choice Award - OSMT Montana Political Healthcare Ad Contest

Special Audience Award Choice Award – Open Letter

Jessica G. Ferrer, Filmmaker

Open Letter is the snippet of a full poetic rap expressing the inequity of male and female health options. Her hope is to engage her audience to make a difference.

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