Ex Disposer by Daniel Ferrer and Amelia Spitler, Film School Face-Off

Announcing the Winners of AudPop’s Film School Face-Off

March 10, 2021

AudPop’s Film School Face-Off is here to break the mold of your everyday film school classroom. AudPop asked film school students, past and present, to prove their Film School is the best by submitting a past or current piece of work.

The top films receive Premium Filmmaker Status and a non-exclusive distribution deal. The winning film receives a year of Adobe Premiere Pro! Which film schools have been deemed the best in the 2021 Film School Face-Off? Scroll down to see for yourself!

In First Place, Montclair State University- Ex Disposer by Amelia Spitler and Daniel Ferrer
Ex Disposer by Amelia Spitler and Daniel Ferrer

Ex Disposer by Amelia Spitler and Daniel Ferrer, Film School Face-Off

“Ex Disposer follows Andy, the destructively neurotic former drummer for New Jersey hardcore outfit Disposer, who discovers his old band is returning home after a cross-country tour. Nostalgic for hiis days behind the kit, Andy attempts to reunite with his bandmates, but first, he must confront the bad blood that was shed during his split from the group.”

In second Place, New York University’s Tisch Graduate Film School- Since I Laid Eyes by Adel L. Morales
Since I Laid Eyes by Adel L. Morales

Since I Laid Eyes by Adel L. Morales, Film School Face-Off

Two former lovers, Charlie and Ilene, reconnect over drinks after breaking up six years ago. They explore the reasons that their secret relationship failed, while trying to decide whether or not to rekindle their dysfunctional romance. 

In Third Place, Vancouver Film School- Iridescence by Kent Donguines
Iridescence by Kent Donguines

Iridescence by Kent Donguines, Film School Face-Off

“Iridescence” is an experimental visual short film, which exposes how society needs to label a person by their sexuality. In this story, dance and interpretive movement replaces the dialogue, allowing us to use the body to communicate the relationship between the characters and they’re true human emotions. Through stylize lighting and abstract visual, Iridescence tells the story of an emotionally repressed abusive father and his son who struggles to accept himself and his sexuality.

Watch the Full Line-Up of 2021 Film School Face-Off Films and see which Schools were in the running, here.

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