Announcing the Winners of Pattrn’s Earth Film Challenge hosted on AudPop

September 2, 2021

Pattrn’s Earth Film Challenge was created to disrupt our habits and views on climate change and sustainability. Pattrn, a Weather Channel affiliate, asked filmmakers to create their most thought-provoking, life-changing film for Pattrn to utilize and generate awareness around the very real issues that our environment and world are facing.

All winning films have been showcased on Pattrn’s website and social media channels. Each winning film also recieved AudPop’s Premium Filmmaker Status and a non-exclusive distribution deal. The winning film received $10,000. First Runner up received $3500 and three honorable mentions received $1000.

In First Place, Samaritan- by Dustin Murphy

“SAMARITAN was made with the support of The Climate Story Lab (March 2020) supported by BFI Network, Exposure Labs & The Doc Society. It’s a creative narrative film that muses upon our individual responsibility to embrace a more sustainable future, while empathizing with our human impulse to escape in denial when the challenge feels too overwhelming. Our film is a conversation starter which asks audiences to reflect on their own choices and leaves them with the question: what would you do?”

First Runner Up Gabriel Diamond and the work of Blue Ventures- Blue Ventures

“Ten years ago, in a coastal village in Madagascar, Alasdair Harris tested an elegantly simple model that put Blue Ventures on the map. He encouraged residents to take charge of their local fishery by cordoning off a small section of their octopus-fishing area for a designated period of time. When the area was re-opened, the community saw huge increases in their catch and incomes. In this video, you’ll see one woman’s reaction and how this drastically changed her family’s life. Building on this success, local communities created Madagascar’s first local committee to manage and conserve marine resources. Since that auspicious start, Blue Ventures has helped replicate this model along thousands of miles of coastline along the Indian Ocean. Beyond managing fisheries, Blue Ventures has integrated family planning and health services into its livelihoods and conservation work, showing the world that protecting the ocean can and should go hand-in-hand with improving lives.” For more info on the work they are doing please go to Blue Ventures

Honorable Mention, Our Children’s Trust- TRUST Montana

“Meet John Thiebes, a 23-year old beginning farmer has set out to change the agricultural practices on a worn-out patch of prairie in the agricultural heart of Montana. Trust is a 10-part series about a perfect trifecta. The Public Trust Doctrine is a legal doctrine that traces back to Roman times and holds governments accountable to protect the resources we all share in common and depend upon for our very survival. The principle of inter-generational justice is enshrined in international human rights law and simply put, it means that the adults can’t have a party on the planet and leave it a mess for our kids. Combine the Public Trust Doctrine with the principles of inter-generational justice and passionate youth who are fighting for their future in both the courts and on the streets, and we have the perfect trifecta. Why? Because youth across the country are bringing legal actions – based on trust – against the federal and state governments so we will all open our eyes and protect our atmosphere and our futures with smart strategies rooted in science.”  

Honorable Mention Talia Schizzano- Defying Plastic

“Plastic Pollution is everywhere and the facts are overwhelming. It may feel impossible to get away from plastic these days. Living in South Florida, I am able to witness firsthand how much plastic ends up on our beaches and in the ocean. It’s devastating. The solution to reversing plastic pollution is complex, but it can be simplified by taking a few easy steps in our everyday lives. There are far too many people in the world who are buying water bottles and using plastic bags at the stores. It’s convenient and has become a normal part of our society. We must DEFY this plastic lifestyle to make a difference! If enough people rally together and make this happen we CAN make a change.” 

Honorable Mention, Nikki Dodd and Rory Moon- Throw Away Culture

“Plastic is all around us. From packaging for our food to synthetic fabric for our clothes, plastic has become an inescapable reality. A significant portion of this plastic winds up in the ocean, where it not only threatens marine life, but human health too. When did we become so addicted to plastic? And what can we do to break our addiction?”

View all film entries to the Pattnr Earth Film Challenge here.

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