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How Vim & Vigr Created Two Custom Documentaries for National Nurses Week

July 1, 2021

Vim & Vigr is a compression legwear company that has gained a cult following among nurses and other healthcare workers. If you scroll through their reviews, you’ll find nurse after nurse singing their praises, with one saying

“I am a L&D nurse and work 12 hour shifts. Wearing these socks makes such a difference! My legs and feet feel so much better at the end of the day.” 

Nurses have become so core to their brand that every year, Vim & Vigr makes the extra effort to celebrate National Nurses Week, held May 6 – May 12. But celebrating Nurses Week in 2021 took on special importance in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This year, Vim & Vigr chose to launch a nursing school scholarship as well as a new product tailored specifically to nurses in honor of their hard work and sacrifice. Instead of just relying on a press release or a social post announcement, they decided to go all out and commission two documentary-style videos.

But doing so presented more than a few challenges for the small, busy team at Vim & Vigr. So, they turned to AudPop to find the right video creative that could help them stay within budget, follow through on a quick turnaround, and communicate their message in a compelling way.

An Important Message Needed an Engaging Medium

Vim & Vigr had three total messages to send and to communicate them all in a compelling, concise way, they decided on short, documentary-style social videos. The three messages these videos needed to include were:

  1. Gratitude for the important work nurses do and the toll that work can take day-in and day-out.
  2. The launch of the Vim & Vigr Nursing Scholarship, awarding two $1,500 scholarships to students currently enrolled in nursing school.
  3. A new line of compression socks specifically tailored to nurses.

Social video is the ideal medium for communicating so much in a small time frame. Video allows you to pack much more meaning into a single social post compared to text and images. Followers are also much more likely to share, with G2Crowd estimating that “Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and image content combined.”

Social video was the ideal medium for Vim & Vigr’s announcements, but without an in-house production team, creating them was much easier said than done. So, they turned to AudPop, a platform that connects video creatives and brands so they can tell compelling stories together.

But Creating Video Is Difficult for a Small Team

To produce their videos in time for Nurses Week, Vim & Vigr had to accomplish three things very quickly:

  1. They needed to find a video creative that fit within their budget and vision for the project.
  2. They needed to clearly communicate their requirements for the project.
  3. They needed an avenue to collaborate with their video creative.

As anyone who has had to manage creative projects can tell you, each of these things has the potential to derail even the most well-planned initiative. As a small company, Vim & Vigr did not have the time or energy to spare to manage all three things on their own. So, they turned to AudPop.

AudPop allows brands to run contests to find video creatives for their project, similar to how 99Designs works for designers. Once the brand sets the budget and creates a brief, video creatives pitch their services and showcase their previous work. The brand then picks the right video creative for the project and that creative takes it from there.

In Vim & Vigr’s case, they created a thorough brief describing exactly what kind of video they wanted, the budget for the project, and the type of message they’d like to communicate. Within days, video creatives from all over the world entered the contest. Once the entry deadline came, the jury at Vim & Vigr picked one video creative that fit their needs: Radha Mehta.

The complex process of finding talent, communicating their needs, and managing the production of the video was reduced to two simple steps: 

  1. Create a brief.
  2. Choose a video creative.

By simplifying this complex process, AudPop was able to help the small team at Vim & Vigr leverage the power of video storytelling without investing too much time or money. The videos that came out of this process speak for themselves.

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Radha Collaborated with Vim & Vigr to Tell Moving Stories

Radha convinced Vim & Vigr to work with her thanks to her introduction video and sizzle reel. Once chosen, she got to work producing two short documentaries featuring two nurses she knows.

Vim & Vigr x Joslyn O’Conor Bear, APRN

Vim & Vigr x Debra Marie Reynoso, RN

The focus of each video is on the personal story of each nurse, diving into what being a nurse means to them. Subtly woven throughout each video is Vim & Vigr’s new product, the “Hope & Heart” compression socks designed for nurses. Vim & Vigr then used these videos during National Nurses Week to announce the Vim & Vigr Nursing Scholarship. 

Everything that Vim & Vigr set out to accomplish, they did by using AudPop to collaborate with Radha. In the span of two short social videos, they showed their gratitude by sharing the real stories of two nurses, exhibited their new product, and announced their new scholarship.

About the process of creating videos with AudPop, Michelle Huie, founder of Vim & Vigr, said: 

“AudPop connected us with a fantastic filmmaker who created beautiful, compelling videos for us. These videos helped strengthen the story around our product and brand for an important launch. It was refreshing to hand off all aspects of organizing, filming, and editing to an expert who understood exactly what we were after.” 

AudPop Makes High-Production Video Possible for Any Business

Any business with just about any budget can make use of AudPop to find the right video creative for their project, whether you need an animation, stock footage, or a custom-made documentary like Radha created for Vim & Vigr. Get started by creating your creative brief today.

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