The Audience Awards “Show Some Love” Button: PayPal For YOUR Film Career

October 4, 2014

If you click around, you will find hundreds of short films that you can watch, enjoy and even comment on. Did you know that you can even go as far as to support the people who make the films? On every filmmaker profile page is a tab that reads “Show Some Love”, leading to your opportunity to play your part in pushing an artist forward.

Why not just use PayPal?


Well basically, Show Some Love functions just like a PayPal donation. However, rather than creating a separate web page or blog site that filmmakers have to first direct their audiences to, and then encourage them to contribute, filmmakers can use their Audience Awards profile as the one-stop place for viewers to see their work and give some support.

The Audience Awards is on track to make this experience the designated social network for filmmakers, where not only viewing and supporting will be possible, but networking and campaigning as well. Think Facebook and Kickstarter combined for the benefit of filmmakers and audience members.


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