AudPop and TwentyOne14 Media Partner to Provide Film Distribution Deals for Diverse Filmmakers

April 15, 2020

By providing film distribution deals, The companies seek to connect independent filmmakers with consumers through a variety of media distribution platforms.

LOS ANGELES, CA (April 15, 2020) – AudPop, a video platform that connects global filmmakers to opportunities, has established a strategic partnership with a digital-first content distributor and production company, TwentyOne14 Media, to provide strategy mentorship and digital-first content distribution solutions to help independent filmmakers of color monetize their films through a variety of media exploitation platforms. The effort is intended to encourage and promote new, diverse voices.

“With film festivals shuttered, it so important to help filmmakers find their audience. The core mission of AudPop is to elevate diverse emerging filmmakers,” said Paige Williams, AudPop CEO. “Through our partnership with TwentyOne14 Media, we are thrilled to provide diverse filmmakers with a solution to monetize their films through feature film distribution deals.”

Emphasis will be given to projects that stars a person of color or is directed, written, and/or produced by a person of color. To submit a film for distribution deal consideration, filmmakers can submit their film at

“I’m excited to support diverse new voices and encourage filmmakers of color to continue telling stories that offer a rich and more complete portrayal of the world around us,” said TwentyOne14 Media CEO Quincy Newell. “Our goal is to support and work closely with each of our filmmaker partners to develop the most optimum strategy to monetize their content through rights licensing.”

About AudPop

Founded in 2013, AudPop (formerly Audience Awards) is a leading video marketing platform for agencies, brands, distributors, studios, and small businesses to connect with thousands of filmmakers to discover emerging diverse talent and source new IP. AudPop offers turnkey video campaigns to activate global filmmakers and customers to create videos for brands, grow their audience, engage customers, and generate new sales leads. AudPop has a community of 70K global filmmakers, 10K short films in multiple genres curated by the industry jury and global audience, and has operated over 100 film festivals, contests, and film challenges.

About TwentyOne14 Media

TwentyOne14 Media is a digital-first content production and distribution company focused on providing independent filmmakers, intellectual property rights holders and brands cross-platform monetization solutions.

The mission at TwentyOne14 Media is to create and deliver resonant content to targeted audiences by leveraging digital technology as the anchor exploitation mechanism, with TwentyOne14 Media serving as the connection point between creatives of color, consumer-friendly technology offerings, and a focused, specialized audience.

TwentyOne14 Media wants to be the company that the independent creative community gravitates to and to create and maintain an environment where artists, filmmakers, and producers are welcomed, supported and encouraged to be their most authentic selves.

TwentyOne14 Media’s founder, Quincy Newell, has 30+ years of experience marketing to the African American and multi-cultural consumer markets, 25-years in content aggregation and distribution, 10-years in content development and production, and 7-years in digital content distribution gives TwentyOne14 Media a unique understanding of the fast-evolving urban multi-cultural consumer market coupled with the ability to develop content that lives at the center of current cultural trends.

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