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AudPop’s Top 5 Scariest Horror Shorts

July 12, 2022

We love scary horror shorts!

We’re excited to highlight the Top 5 Scariest Horror Shorts from our streaming platform. Several spine-chilling, pulse-racing films have been submitted to us over the years, and we couldn’t pass up mentioning them. Especially since we’re launching a new Horror Film Challenge this month.

We love horror films and want to line up your scariest films for Halloween this year. Plus, we’ll announce the winners of our new 2022 Horror Film Challenge in October, just in time for the scariest holiday.

In the meantime, we decided to spotlight our Top 5 Scariest Horror Shorts because they’re scary, thrilling, and great inspiration for our 2022 Horror Film Challenge that’s currently up and running.

Get ready for a fright!

AudPop’s Top 5 Scariest Horror Shorts

AudPop's Top 5 Scariest Horror Films - Hi Neighbor T.C. De Witt

T.C. De Witt took 1st Place in our 2019 Horror Shorts Film Festival with his film, Hi Neighbor. His film is about a woman challenged by her overly-perky neighbor and how she attempts to take care of her problem.


AudPop's Top 5 Scariest Horror Films - Attack of the Potato Clock Jiyoung Na

Jiyoung Na won 1st Place in our 2018 Horror Shorts Film Festival with his film, Attack of the Potato Clock. This film is set in a 1980’s elementary school cafeteria, where a mutated-potato clock comes back to life to take his revenge on the lunch lady who happens to be chopping potatoes.


AudPop's Top 5 Scariest Horror Films - Balloon - Mitchell Slan

Mitchell Slan scored 1st Place in our 2017 Horror Shorts Film Festival with his film, Balloon. As you can see from the above picture, Slan has won numerous awards for his film. Balloon centers around a woman attempting to overcome her fear of balloons with the help of her therapist, but there’s more behind her fear than just balloons.


AudPop's Top 5 Scariest Horror Films - The Scared One - Romain et Thibault Lafargue

Romain and Thibault Lafargue won 1st Place in our 2016 Horror Shorts Film Festival with their film, The Scared One. This film is about a child who can’t sleep and peers out the window, catching his father setting up a scarecrow in the garden. Nothing is amiss until later when the child looks again, the scarecrow is gone, and he hears creepy noises.


AudPop's Top 5 Scariest Horror Films - Hush - Michael Kehoe

Michael Kehoe won our 2014 Bloody Shorts Video Contest with his film, Hush. Of course, a horror short about a babysitter watching a young girl on a stormy, dark night is always scary. You’ll need to watch Kehoe’s film to see what’s hiding in the house.


More about AudPop’s 2022 Horror Film Challenge

AudPop’s 2022 Horror Film Challenge launched July 12 and is going to be a frightful display of horror films, and we can’t wait! You must submit if you love horror or Halloween. We’re looking for any-length horror films that will scare our pants off.

Offering this challenge gives you a platform to showcase your work, engage your audience, and potentially win $500 and Premium Filmmaker Status. In short, this means you make some cash and get added to our go-to list for direct-hire filmmakers.

So, take some time, create your best horror film, and submit. Learn more here and scare us!




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