Introducing Broadway International Film Festival

April 20, 2016

The Broadway International Film Festival (BIFF-LA) aims to bring back focus and interest to the Broadway corridor of downtown Los Angeles
BIFF-LA accomplishes this goal by focusing on the importance and the historical significance of this area when bringing a major event where artists, political and city leaders, businesses and the community unite.

The Purpose of the festival includes reaching all aspects of the community with the focus of placing Broadway as a cultural center of film diversity and a platform for the exposure of important topics that affect us all.

“Broadway International Film Festival helps the filmmaker as a platform to get distribution. We have educational panels, on both the present and future of cinema, we go over aspects of how to collaborate with each other, how to finish the project, and when to sell their film. Our film festival has been in Los Angeles for over 10 years and now we have a new film festival in Ensenada, you can see the website here 

We partner the film festival with the city of Los Angeles, to keep business here and to re-open the historical theater in this city, and we believe we achieve this goal!

The connection is the most important aspect in business. If you are not connected you have no business.

Humans are like family we just don’t know each other yet, we get people from China, Mexico, Brazil and Europe and we all need each other to do business.

We try to connect our filmmaker with the industry and that’s why we are here, nothing less.”

~Emilio Vega, CEO and founder of Broadway International Film Festival

Visit BIFF-LA website here.

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