Announcing AudPop’s 5th Annual AudFest 2021: Video is Eating the World

October 6, 2021




Fifth-Annual AudFest led by Diverse Video Marketplace Leader, AudPop, Deep Dives into Video, Impact, and Diversity in Storytelling with 2021 Theme, “Video is Eating the World”

LOS ANGELES, October 6, 2021AudPop, the global video platform, and video creative marketplace, announces that the fifth-annual AudFest, “Video is Eating the World,” will be held virtually from Nov. 3-5, 2021. AudFest celebrates and champions diversity and innovation in video by bringing together creative leaders of technology, brands, agencies, and video creators who are building, growing, and shaping the video economy. 

The data is clear: 85 percent of consumers watch video on their mobile devices every month, and 80 percent have made a purchase after watching a brand’s video. The cookie is going away, and businesses must own their communities to create reach and impact,” said Paige Williams, CEO, and founder of AudPop. “We invite every brand builder, digital marketer, and filmmaker to join this year’s inclusive, diverse, and innovative AudFest because truly, video is eating the world.”

Attendees will dive deep into marketing, creativity, and storytelling with some of the most influential thought leaders in storytelling and community building, including New York Times bestselling author Amy Jo Martin, as well as executive leaders from brands and agencies like DELL Blue, Indeed, Shopify, Intel, G2, and VaynerX.

Sessions will provide insight into ways to grow your brand, community, and sales through video. Speakers will dig deep into how to create compelling video that builds brands and increases sales, best practices for distributing video content, and approaches to video storytelling that are creating positive change and impact around the world. 

AudFest 2021 kicks off Nov 3 at 10 am PST with the panel, “The Science of Storytelling for Changing Hearts & Minds: An Institute for Family & AudPop Case Study”

About this panel: In 2011, conversations begun as a result of the documentary From Place to Place led two of its stars to be invited to speak on Capitol Hill and, ultimately, to the passage of the Family First Prevention Services Act in 2018. We know that stories can change the world, but why? While humans have always intuitively connected through stories, join this panel for a conversation that digs deeper into understanding how stories evoke emotion and compel people to actionIn this panel, the Institute for Family (IFF), Health Plus Studios, an AudPop filmmaker, and the Singularity Group will discuss why storytelling is such a powerful agent of change and ideas for how to bridge from storytelling to movement building.

Moderator: Amanda Manna, Vice President and Head of Strategic Narrative at Singularity Group and panelists include Matt Anderson, Director for the Institute for Family; Jabeen Yusuf, Co-founder & Principal, at Health+ Studio; Gina Wassemiller, Parent Ally, F.I.R.S.T. Clinic; and Award-winning AudPop filmmaker, Radha Mehta.

Our second Audfest panel is Nov 3, 2021, at 12:00 PT titled “Storytelling that Scales: Creating Video that Doesn’t Suck.”

Even before the pandemic, consumption of video content was exploding, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. But, not all video is created equal. For video that converts, you need to authentically build and engage an active audience. Hear from leading brands and marketers to learn their approach to compelling storytelling through video campaigns that convert. Join us to learn about the power of authentic storytelling to build an engaged audience and best practices for how to convert engaged audiences for business growth. The panel is moderated by Brand marketing and community-builder expert Chris Carfi and panelists include Regan Walsh, VP, Renegade Collective & Author of the hit book, Heart BossMichelle Huie, CEO, Vim and Vigr and ShopDot; and Stacy Katz, marketer and inventor of the new card game “What the What?!” and Not Parent Approved









We finish up the first day of AudFest with a power-packed panel titled, The Rising Tide of Brand, Community, and Story at 2 pm PT. In this panel, you will hear from the best in the business about the radical new role the community is playing in building brands, and how the art of storytelling is key to unlocking this power. Join us to learn why owning your community has become the most sought-after brand offering today and how brands can and must mine the power of user stories to succeed with the next generation of customers. The panel is moderated by Lynn Casey, CEO of ShineScout, and includes an A-list panel made up of NY Times Best Selling author, host of the Why Not Now podcast, & CEO of the Renegade Collective, Amy Jo Martin; additionally, you will learn from G2 CMO, Amanda Malko, Sandra Lopez, VP/GM, Intel, Aidan McLaughlin, Head of Branded Content & Storytelling, Indeed; and Tiffani Carter Thompson, VP, Marketing, Thrive Cosmetics.

“Video is Eating the World” kicks off the second day at AudFest 2021. Panelists will discuss topics like: The cookie is going away, which means that marketers need powerful, engaging storytelling more than ever before. The future of sales will continue to rely on an explosion in video storytelling and actionable analytics, across evolving platforms and technologies. Join us to learn about emerging trends and new innovations in data-driven video storytelling from the marketers who are building the future of sales through video, and leave with an understanding of the importance of owning your community and how you should approach this in your business. How is video innovating and disrupting traditional video models? What does the data show us about video? The panel is moderated by Julian Luthold, CEO of Get Global and he is joined by panelists Jason Holland, President, Global Business at FireworkJosh Halpern, Head of Government Affairs, Big Commerce; Kyle Kaczmarek, CEO KDMG Media; Maya Brewster, CPO, VaynerMediaX, and Farah Allen, CEO of the Labz. Join us for AudFest’s self-titled panel at 10 am PT on November 4, 2021. 

At 12 pm on November 4, tune back in for “Mission-Driven Stories are Saving the World.”  Stakeholders of all types increasingly expect businesses and other organizations to create a positive impact along with profitable growth. As a result, purpose-driven leaders are challenged to create and share their future-focused vision for a better world, and the role their organizations want to play in making it happen. Join us to learn from entertainment execs, agency leaders, and non-profits about the growing influence of stories for inspiring change, and the role storytelling plays in their strategy for bringing audiences with them into the future. This panel is moderated by Jaclyn Lindsay of and includes panelists Nia Weeks, Co-Founder of Detangled;  Stephanie Bonin, Field Organizer at Economic Security Project; Emily Best, CEO at Seed & Spark; and Claire Daughtery, Branded Content Partner, Facebook

Brands & Agencies: Exploding Growth and Impact through Story rounds out day 2 at AudFest. This panel will explore the status of video, story creation, and why the storytelling medium is set to dominate the near future. Hear why these companies believe in the power of story and video to build community through stories. Join us to learn how to create video that sells, which stories are resonating the most today and why, and how communities including yours are utilizing stories and video to create impact. This panel is moderated by AudPop Founder & CEO, Paige Williams; and is joined by Colin Mcrae, Executive Producer at Shopify; Megan Murray, Executive Producer at DELL, Jami Crist, Sr. Director of Partnerships, Super Coffee; and Mandy Sugrue, Social Impact, Communications, Facebook.

The last day at AudFest is November 5, 2021, and kicks off at 10 am PT called “Finding an Audience for Media that Matters.” Around the world, diverse media masterminds are creating video and media that dominate. Further, the responsibility of diverse leaders to tell meaningful stories about and to underserved audiences has grown during the pandemic, which has disproportionately affected minority groups. Join us to learn from a powerhouse panel how media is being used effectively by diverse storytellers and businesses, the impact of social issues on storytelling, and how they are distributing their stories and connecting with audiences. This panel is moderating by Nichelle Carr, Advising CCO of AudPop and she is joined by panelists Emily Dell, Head of Content, Screenwriter’s Craft Summit; Isabel Rafferty, CEO, Canela Media;  Quincy Newell, COO, Hidden Empire Film Group; Alex Bartoff, CEO of Get Sh!t Done; and Jaime Davila, Producer of the Netflix series, Selena.

We finish out AudFest with a powerful panel featuring some of the best, most creative filmmakers who do work through AudPop called “The Next Generation of Video Creators: Making Meaning and Money through Storytelling.” New platforms are enabling creatives to build a business around their passion. In this panel, learn from AudPop pros how they are finding inspiration to create compelling stories, while leveraging the platform to connect with marketers in need of video. By making authentic connections with brands, these filmmakers are building partnerships that can bring their voice to a bigger audience. Join us to learn the ways the creative business is changing, how creatives are finding inspiration, and best practices to succeed as an AudPop storyteller.  This panel is once again moderated by Lynn Casey, CEO, ShineScout and panelists include AudPop award-winning filmmakers/video creatives Dustin Murphy, Radha Mehta, Morgann Gicquel, and Carla Lee.

Watch here to learn more about AudPop. For more information on AudFest, visit, and register for free here.   
About AudPop 

AudPop is the global video platform that makes it easy for video creatives, brands, agencies, and networks to connect and work together to create video they love. From businesses who need custom video, to video creatives who want access to quality video projects, people around the world rely on the tried-and-true AudPop creative process to get great video online. Our software operates turnkey video contests and film challenges to get video at scale. Since 2013, AudPop has worked with companies like GoDaddy, Hilton, and Sony to access hundreds of quality videos and work with talented, diverse global video creators and emerging, diverse filmmakers. 


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