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August 3, 2016

Catalunya Film CommissionWhat is your film commission’s mission?

Catalunya Film Commission (CFC) is a service run by the Department of Culture of the Catalan Governement that promotes and facilitates film shoots throughout Catalonia and stimulates the growth and consolidation of the Catalan film industry and associated services over the territory. We help professionals prepare their shoot, giving assistance in their search for locations, informing on shooting conditions and filming permits and providing general advice on filming in Catalonia.

Catalunya Film Commission
What makes your film commission unique?

The CFC, set up in 2007, is made up of a network of over 200 film friendly towns and villages throughout Catalonia that offer their locations as film sets. We also act as liaisons with other permitting authorities in the region (roads, coasts, national parks, airports, trains, etc.). Our website offers a fully searchable location database with over 1,300 locations, plus a comprehensive professionals and companies directory.

Catalonia hosted 890 productions in 2015, plus 3,300 in the city of Barcelona alone. We are well experienced in the management of all types of shoots, from student films to major TV series such as Game of Thrones or worldwide commercial campaigns for international brands (Adidas, BMW, Coca-Cola, iPhone, etc.)”  

Catalunya Film CommissionWhat are some perks to filming in your location?

As a service that the Government of Catalonia offers to audiovisual professionals and Catalan permitting authorities, we provide information about public funds for film production and Spain’s 15% tax incentive for international productions.

Are there any projects you would like to promote?

The book “Scouting in Catalonia” is an invitation to view a land, some landscapes and the mark made by those who live there, through the eyes of professionals who often remain unknown outside their professional realm: location scouts and location managers, individuals who know how to find, in every corner of our geography, the spaces that will be seen by many people around the world. As an overview of what Catalonia has to offer in terms of locations available to audiovisual producers, the ebook version of “Scouting in Catalonia” is an enhanced version of the paper copy and showcases the companies based in Catalonia and the productions they have been involved with. You can access it through this link:

Catalunya Film Commission

What marketing materials did you submit to the Creativity Awards?

We submitted the online version of the book “Scouting in Catalonia” into the categories “Best promotional swag” and “Best production guild,”  as it is a “multilayered” tool that provide links to companies and professionals and it also promotes our Film Commission and its locations.

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