Congratulations to the NFMLA October Video Contest Winners!

November 17, 2015

Founded in 2007, NewFilmmakers Los Angeles (NFMLA) has established itself as a strong gathering place for independent cinema screening 950+ films from over 57 countries. NFMLA boasts over 30,000 supporters in the Los Angeles community! The monthly festival provides a forum where filmmakers can be recognized for their accomplishments, gain exposure to new audiences, and connect with industry professionals for insight on distribution, production, acquisition, and representation. For your chance to gain exposure in LA, submit to NewFilmmakers Los Angeles today at

In first place, Locksmiths by James Kwon Lee.

Still from "Locksmiths"

Still from “Locksmiths”

“As a filmmaker, the most I want for any of my films is for it to reach an audience, and if possible, have people think about the story long after the movie fades to black. The fact that LOCKSMITHS won the Audience Awards gives me confidence that many people in the world have viewed and supported the film. Hundreds of people were compelled to stop their daily activities to watch a 15-minute film and react to it, which reminds me once again, that a series of moving images can have a huge impact on society. The award is a subtle reminder of the power stories have on potentially large groups of people, and it is a blessing that I can play a part in creating such content” James Kwon Lee

In second place,Yakuza No. 2by Susumu Kimura.Still from "Yakuza No. 2"

Still from “Yakuza No. 2”

“For a start-up indy filmmakers like me, being on “The Audience Awards” means a lot because I was able to get direct, audience-to-filmmakers responses. Specially, I’m grateful for the fact that it reached audiences from other states and countries, who otherwise would not have a chance to see my film! Winning runner-up is a icing on a cake. I really appreciate everyone who voted for our film. From bottom of my heart we thank you!” Susumu Kimura.

And in third place, PROCESS, by Rob Silcox.

Still from "PROCESS"

Still from “PROCESS”

“It is such a honor to place third in the NFMLA Audience Awards. All the films were so good and we are super excited to place! The chance to get our film, PROCESS, out into the world is huge for us and we are so grateful for the opportunity to show it!” – Rob Silcox, NFMLA October Filmmaker Third Place.

Congratulations to the winners of NFMLA October!

You can watch these and all of the NFMLA October competing films here.

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