Filmmaker Blogs Worth Following: Directors Notes

May 20, 2016

What topics do you cover in your blog?

Directors Notes has scoured the globe for the very best that independent cinema has to offer, whilst sharing the production stories which led to their creation. Eclectic in its tastes, Directors Notes is where you can find the most cutting edge in drama, documentary, music video, animation and experimental filmmaking. With the role of filmmaker more prevalent now than at any other point in history, Directors Notes remains dedicated to revealing the what, how and why of the greatest independent cinema being made today.
Directors Notes's MarBelle

Directors Notes’s MarBelle

How long has your blog been around?

Since June 2006

What are popular subjects that you write on?

Animation has always been a major (and popular) section of the site, in fact we ran a dedicated series of animation posts a couple years back:

What is the most important thing filmmakers should take away from your blog?

That filmmaking is an accessible art form. The majority of directors we feature made their films without any special access to equipment or funding – they looked at the resources they had at hand and built achievable stories around those resources. You can do that too.
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