8 filmmaker quotes from 2016 Music Film and Video Contest

May 20, 2016

2016 Music Film and Video Contest is open for voting! 37 films are competing for a total of $690 and the prestige of winning the audience award. Eight of those entries have submitted quotes to enhance your viewing enjoyment. Click on the name of the film or on the image to view (and vote!) Remember, you can vote once a day for as many films as you deem deserving for the duration of the contest. Good luck!



Reid Davenport and Cheng Zhang with “On Beat”

“We would like the global audience to see just how dramatically a family can defy expectations.” -Reid Davenport and Cheng Zhang with “On Beat


Jordan Wills with “Babraham Lincoln – DFP”

“It’s the first music video for Babraham Lincoln, a Jersey City band formed when a bunch of neighbors realized they all played guitar.” –Jordan Wills with “Babraham Lincoln – DFP”


Sky McCullough with “Less Love’s Horse Race”

“The music video “Horse Race” was directed by Sky McCullough and Mike Mills. The song was produced by Michael Trepagnier (Coldplay) and engineered by Kevin Lively (Rage Against The Machine)” –Sky McCullough with “Less Love’s Horse Race”


Shayna Connely with “Mistreated and Wild”

“Chris Connelly and Claire Massey are the silhouetted figures in the video. They are also in a David Bowie tribute band together called “Sons of the Silent Age” and Claire does Chris’ Bowie stage make-up. This inspired the action they perform in the video.

This is my 2nd music video for my husband, Chris. The first was “Wait for Amateur” in 2011, which played at festivals including North by Northeast, Oak Cliff Film Festival and Chicago International Movies and Music.

The beautiful backgrounds were created by graphic designer Chris Kalis”- Shayna Connely with “Mistreated and Wild”


Ricardo Lugo with “Above the Skyline”

“The band, Above The Skyline, has never and will never use auto-tune. All the vocals you hear from them are real.

Many indie filmmakers and bands are struggling achieve mainstream success, so please check out indie films and music. By doing so, you are supporting our work.

I made this film because I believe that if any band deserves to be the next Def Leppard, it’s these guys” – Ricardo Lugo with “Above the Skyline”


Zita Jett with “Channel 199”

“It’s about Reeva Steenkamp (girlfriend of Oscar Pistorius).

It was filmed in RSA (Republic of South Africa,) Bloemfontein.

One cinematographer filmed & edited this short music film”- Zita Jett with “Channel 199”


Andrea Nevi with “Luca Fivizzani – Amore in erosione”

“This music video was shot a few kilometers from Florence. Although Tuscany is famous across the world for its sunny and poetic landscapes with gently rolling hills covered by vineyards and olive groves, in autumn there are places that become particularly mysterious and unsettling. After exploring that dark side, we finally chose to set the story against a lake and a foggy wood.

The director, Andrea Nevi, was also the camera operator and editor and, besides being a filmmaker, he is a psychologist too. The actor, Luca Fivizzani, is the author of the lyrics, the composer of the music and the singer. He is also a photographer. The actress, Cifrissima, is a burlesque star in Italy.

In the story a man held hostage by a dangerous killer succeeds in freeing himself . The escape route leads him toward unexpected directions. The relationship between the man and the woman has the typical nature of certain love affairs in which, in a circular manner, love burns but then it always rises from the ashes, knowing that it will burn again, though” – Andrea Nevi with Luca Fivizzani – Amore in erosione”


Jeremy Johnson with “Day to Day”

“This music video is about the “Day to Day” struggles that individuals go through and about overcoming these struggles with a positive outlook.

Everyone experiences hard times in their lives and I created this video to be a voice for the everyday person overcoming their personal challenges.

Shot on location in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Musician Patrick Riefflin and Director Jeremy Johnson have known each other since grade school and grew up in the same neighborhood” -Jeremy Johnson with “Day to Day”

Enjoy checking out these and the other competing entries!

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