First place Adventure Shorts winner is awarded $350 and unparalleled exposure!

September 15, 2015

The First place winner of The Audience Awards Adventure Shorts Video Contest is The Morning Ride by Reid Hemsing. The Morning Ride had over 220 views and won first place with 349 votes! The Award for first place is $350, second place $100, and third place $50.

The Morning Ride is a beautiful scenic short that allows the viewer to experience the intimate connection that a bicycling commuter feels with their daily ride to work.

Adventure shorts winner "The Morning Ride"

Still from “The Morning Ride”

”The Audience Awards really opened our short film, The Morning Ride to a whole new audience. It allowed us to promote our film and cycling company, Two Wheel Gear outside of traditional marketing channels. The Adventure Short Film Fest was the perfect venue for us to engage with a community of film lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. We will absolutely be back!” And I just want to say what an awesome job you guys have done creating and operating such an awesome video/film platform. I think it is super rad. Thanks for having us in the video contest and I look forward to participating on the site and submitting new videos in the future.” Reid Hemsing, Two Wheel Gear, Adventure Shorts Winner

You can watch The Morning Ride here.

You can follow Reid Hemsing’s career with The Audience Awards here.

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