Five ways to make the winning Hilton video and win up to $33,000

November 3, 2015

Have you heard? Hilton is awarding filmmakers $51,000 across three contests via The Audience Awards.

Each Contest Awards:

1st Place Jury Award Winner: $5,000

2nd Place Jury Award Winner: $3,000

1st Place Most Voted Video: $5,000

2nd Place Most Voted Video: $3,000

3rd Place Most Voted Video: $1,000


Interested in creating videos for the contests, but not sure where to start? Our team put together some ideas & inspiration to get your brain going.

1. Use your editing chops.
Online stock footage libraries are a great resource for novice and pro filmmakers alike. Check out Pond5, Getty Images, Shutterstock, VideoBlocks, etc. to download high powered clips and edit a video without shooting a frame. They also offer music downloads.

2. Take a look at what Hilton’s competitors are producing!
A Hilton competitor is currently running a Book Direct campaign. They have some spots that will get your ideas rolling. Let’s show our brands why it’s smart to use & award indie filmmakers!

3. Knock off your bucket list & accept a new challenge.
Love the idea of shooting a piece in one shot with no cuts? Or what about putting that iPhone to the test to see what it can do? Here’s your chance to tell a story in a minute or use a new technique.

4. Make it a class project & get it done.
Ask your professor if this can be a class project. Or, gather a team of your favorite classmates and set goals to produce the video quickly. Just remember, before you go into any production, always have an agreement deal between the team on how the money will be split if you win. Best to have a plan before you win big!

5. And finally, the opposite may be true for you.
We get stuck into a certain type of filmmaking and sometimes, we need to break our own boundaries to prove that we can be more than just “enter my filmmaker label here.” Use this challenge as an opportunity to create the best possible high quality videos to:

  • Get in front of a national brand
  • Build out your resume
  • Add to your reel

FUN FACT: Did you know that one filmmaker could make a total of $33,000 for three one-minute videos?

That’s one of the main reasons we run The Audience Awards. To give filmmakers the opportunity to fund their film careers through short term productions and bring exposure to their careers.


There are three different calls for filmmakers to create 1-minute videos for Hilton’s Home2 and Homewood brands. They include:

  • Book Direct Submissions Call for Entries:
    Create a spot about the benefits of booking your Homewood or Home2 stay directly.
    Submissions Due: December 8 at 7:59 am MST
  • Director’s Challenge Call for Entries:
    Capture the essence of Homewood Suites. The video should entice a person to stay Homewood.
    Submissions Due December 15 at 7:59 am MST
  • 100th Hotel Opening Call for Entries:
    Create a playful, fun video that celebrates the brand milestone of Home2 Suites opening its 100th Hotel.
    Submissions due December 22nd at 7:59am MST


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