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The Basics of Video Storytelling

August 31, 2022

How is storytelling used in videos?

Discussing the basics of video storytelling is important because video is a phenomenal medium to deliver stories. Video is visually engaging and can hook your audience’s emotions quickly if your story is compelling and heartfelt. 

Basically, you humanize your brand’s story or the story you want to tell as a filmmaker or creator. This ultimate connection increases your audience’s trust and motivates them into action, whether that’s purchasing your product or service or sharing your video on social media.

Storytelling through video is an essential delivery system.

But you can’t just throw your story together, hit record, and have an impactful and engaging story on video. You’ll need to consider particular elements to help you make an intriguing storytelling video. 

What are the 4 P’s of storytelling?

You’ll need to answer the 4 P’s if you’re a brand. Once you’ve answered the 4 P’s, then you can tie them into the 5 elements of storytelling to make sure your story pops.

1. PeopleYour brand story needs to be about someone, a specific concept, experience, or idea. You need to find a compelling story that will resonate with your audience.

2. PlaceWhere does your story take place? Knowing this builds a solid foundation for your story. 

3. ProcessWhat is the process behind your product or service? Maybe you dive into how your product was made or what it takes for your company to deliver your services. But remember that boring and technical don’t add up to a good storytelling video.   

4. PurposeWhat’s the purpose behind your product or service? What’s the meaning behind your story? You’ll need to know your target audience and what you’re trying to tell them.

The 4 P’s are helpful for your mission statement or determining your company’s direction because it narrows your focus to what is most important. Now, let’s consider some other elements of storytelling that are needed to kick off your storytelling video.



What are the 5 elements of storytelling?

There are five elements to storytelling, and these elements are useful for a brand or a filmmaker or creator when creating a storytelling video.

1.  PlotThe plot is the plan of your story. Where will you start and end? Write an outline to develop your plot and decide your main characters, protagonist, the setting, and the main conflict of your story. Is the overall premise of your story believable and relatable to your audience? 

2. SettingWhere does your story take place? Are there multiple locations? The setting is another character and is the main backdrop to your story. Does your setting deliver the feeling of your story? Or does it need to contrast with the character’s emotions? 

3. Characters/Point of View (POV)Who are your characters, and who’s telling the story? Remember, you need to show, not tell, your story through your character’s dialogue and action. Taking the time to sit with each character is important when developing your story. Your audience will not engage with one-dimensional characters. 

4. ConflictEvery story, regardless of genre, will have a conflict or dilemma that needs a resolution. This could be your main character’s desire. Or they may have a difficulty they need to overcome. Maybe they need your product or service. 

5. ResolutionWhat is the resolution to your story’s conflict? Maybe your product or service resolves the main character’s difficulty. Is the solution to your character’s issue believable? If you have a Call to Action, make sure you include it at the end of your video to motivate your audience.



How do you make a storytelling video?

To make a successful storytelling video, consider the 4 P’s and 5 elements of storytelling. Be thorough and answer each one, so you know the core of your story. Once you have your story, you can move on to creating your video. 

Keep your storytelling video short and to the point. Of course, you want to pull your audience in with a compelling emotional component, but you can do that within a few minutes. Most social media users like a video length of 2 to 4 minutes, so don’t overdo it.

While using video to tell your story, be mindful of composition, colors, and action. Some people don’t turn the sound on when watching a video on social media, so make sure you’re “showing, not telling” your story. Use colors and composition to evoke your audience’s emotions. When it comes to composition, use the rule of thirds.

And always come back to your 4 P’s and 5 elements. Reviewing your answers will help you stay focused.

What have we learned about the basics of video storytelling?

First and foremost, we’ve learned that video storytelling is an essential way to engage and motivate your audience. You’ll need to know your answers to the 4 P’s, your story’s purpose, and your target audience. Once done, you can incorporate the 5 elements of storytelling and make your storytelling video.

Additionally, consider the length of your storytelling video–remember to keep it between 2 to 4 minutes. Use the rule of thirds when filming your video, so you can focus on your purpose but also evoke deeper emotion.

How can AudPop help you with your storytelling video?

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Catherine Babbitt is a freelance writer of 10+ years, a novelist, and an avid storyteller. The topic scope of her writing is multifaceted and vast.

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