Audience Awards is Awarding 5 Micro-Grants for Documentary Production Funding

July 15, 2018

Audience Awards supports our PRO filmmakers by providing documentary production funding. We know that a great short film can open doors for your career, and that’s one of the ways we are here to help!

We invite our PRO filmmakers to submit a video featuring an upcoming short documentary project to receive one of five $1,000 micro-grants.

The top five project submissions will each receive a $1,000 grant to go towards completing your short documentary. We will facilitate an online lab with fellow grant recipients and documentary professionals to discuss each project and provide feedback. The goal is to help you create the best short documentary you can.

To apply, upload your documentary short film, trailer or teaser video. The submission close date is currently September 10, 2018. Submissions will close when we receive 500 submissions. That may be before (or after) September 10, so make sure to submit your project now.

HOW WE DETERMINE THE GRANT RECIPIENTS: Once you successfully upload and submit your project to this grant opportunity on our site, your film is reviewed by our screeners for admittance. You will receive notice if your submission is accepted or rejected before jury & audience voting opens.

On the voting open date, your project submission video is juried by our preliminary jury panel and the global audience. From this first round, the top 5 submissions with the most votes and the top 5 preliminary jury-selected submissions advance to the finals round. If audience selections are preliminary jury selections, the preliminary jury will select additional submissions so that there are 10 projects in the finals round. From the 10 project submissions in the finals round, our industry jury panel will select the 5 grant recipients.

Become a PRO member of Audience Awards and submit to every opportunity for free. Up to 20GB a week of upload space + 4K/1080p uploads. PRO members also receive opportunities to license and monetize their films. Other funding opportunities for PRO filmmakers include production funding for feature documentaries, narratives, and animations. $14/month or $140 paid annual (2 months free). Go PRO here:

AUDIENCE AWARDS provides filmmakers with the opportunity to gain exposure & accelerate your careers. We are committed to providing a stage for diverse, emerging talent and your creative work. Our democratized platform celebrates the power of storytelling and provides you with the tools to build an audience. Films submitted to opportunities on our site are juried by industry professionals and the global audience. The top films win prizes and screen at festivals around the world. Our PRO filmmakers have the opportunity to monetize and license their content and connect with production funding for their projects.

Check out our other production funding opportunities for PRO members: Documentary Production FundingAnimation Feature Funding, and Narrative Feature Funding.

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