Companies that Support Independent Filmmakers: Ghost River Brewing Company

May 23, 2016

Ghost River

What is your company’s mission?

Ghost River’s mission is to make the highest quality drinkable local beer available.  We were the first craft production brewery in Memphis and have taken that role very seriously.  We want our customers to enjoy great craft beer because not only is it good for our business, it is good for the craft beer industry.

Why do you support the independent film community?

The independent film industry is a lot like the craft beer industry.  We are both small, underfunded creative types whose mission is to share our passion with the public.  We have always made our mission to give back when we could and the independent film community is a cause that is a natural fit.

Ghost RiverHow does the film industry support your company?

No direct support.  The film industry adds value to our city, our market, therefore it indirectly supports the growth of our brand. Independent film adds invaluable cultural dimension to cities giving them more rich depth.

Is there anything else that you would like filmmakers to know about your company?

We believe that wherever you are you should support local beer.  It is the best way to make a difference and give back.

        “Ghost River is a staple in Memphis culture. They support local people and organizations, give back to the Wolf River Conservancy, and make darn good beer while doing it.” – Dan Price

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