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AudPop Is like 99designs, but for Video

June 28, 2021

AudPop is a video creative platform that makes it easy for video creatives and brands to connect and tell compelling stories through video. Just as 99designs is revolutionizing how designers and brands find each other to create logos, websites, and ads, AudPop is revolutionizing how video creatives and brands come together to create videos, animations, and more.

Both 99designs and AudPop are viable platforms for freelance creatives to make a living doing what they love. Only AudPop gives video creatives what they need to thrive by connecting them to a world-class network of video creatives and a roster of potential clients like Sony, 21st Century Fox, and Hilton. 

AudPop Directly Connects Video Creatives and Clients

In AudPop, video creatives can create a portfolio with AudPop, showcasing their experience and previous work. With a growing community of video creatives with robust portfolios, AudPop has created a library of filmmaking talent similar to how 99designs lets you explore various designers’ portfolios.

These profiles contain sections for a short bio, connections to IMDB and portfolio websites, a curated list of the films they’ve produced, as well as the AudPop campaigns they’ve participated in. 

A good example is Morgan Gliquel’s profile. She’s a video creative and animator in Paris who’s secured work from organizations like What the What, a board game on Kickstarter.

Organizations can then search through these profiles, videos, and campaigns to find the right video creative for their project, whether it’s a how-to video, an animation, a product video, or anything else they might need. 

With AudPop, video creatives can showcase their work and connect with other video creatives from around the globe. Organizations of all kinds can then tap into this global network of talent to get a great video at a decent price point.

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Campaigns Attract the Best Talent to the Best Clients

The core of the AudPop platform is its video contest function. AudPop allows organizations to create a brief for video projects and solicit applications from video creatives to work on that project. This is similar to 99design’s Design Contests, but for video.

For instance, What the What created a public brief for a Kickstarter sizzle video with a budget of $2,000. Five video creatives bid on the project, using their portfolios and video-making skills to apply.

What the What’s jury then watched the applications flow in, ultimately choosing Morgann Glique. Morgann won with a personalized application video that shows who she is as a person and reveals her passion for the craft of animation. 

The final video by Morgann now lives on What the What’s Kickstarter page where they beat their funding goal!

Using AudPop, organizations can have a diverse set of world-class video creatives come to them and pitch their services. And video creatives can scroll through a growing list of available campaigns to find their next video production gig. 

In the end, organizations get the videos they need, while video creatives can find work and grow their careers on their own terms.

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AudPop Makes Video Viable for Everyone

AudPop’s goal is to make a career in video production possible for more creatives by making it easier for organizations to work with them. Similar to how 99designs made careers possible for many designers, AudPop makes careers possible for video creatives

If you’re an organization that would like to hire from the world-class network of video talent on the AudPop platform, create your call to action today.

If you’re a video creative looking for clients from non-profits like the Institute for Family and Electable to industry-leading companies like Dell and Southwest Airlines, sign up to create your AudPop portfolio today.


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