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Upwork vs. AudPop: Who’s the Best?

July 1, 2021

Who’s the best freelance platform for video creatives?

We know AudPop offers a great freelance creative video platform. Not just for freelance video creatives to access opportunities but also for businesses to connect with fantastic, high-quality talent. But we’ve been hearing a lot about Upwork and how big it is and all that jazz, and we got to thinking, “Who’s the best platform for freelance video creatives? Is it AudPop or Upwork?”

What does Upwork do?

Definitely, Upwork is a heavyweight in the freelance startup space, recording $90 million in revenue during Q2 of 2020. It’s often heralded as one of the big three facilitators of the “freelance revolution,” alongside Fiverr and

But the growth of this size is a double-edged sword.

A common thread in freelance-focused discussion boards is that Upwork doesn’t work well for freelancers. This is due to low pay, difficult clients, and high service fees, which are particularly painful for freelance video creatives whose job is time and labor-intensive compared to other creative work. Unhappy freelancers are bad for business. In fact, many freelancers who use Upwork to establish connections leave the platform as soon as possible. 

Despite its strengths, this makes Upwork a platform for freelancers and brands to work around, not within.  Fortunately, AudPop is a good alternative for freelance video projects thanks to its unique contest system, specific focus, and ease of use.

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What are Upwork’s strengths and weaknesses?

Upwork’s main strength is its size. There are a lot of freelancers that use the platform and, subsequently, a lot of potential clients. Upwork’s size means it can offer several different freelancing disciplines, but it also means there is deafening noise to cut through.

Unlike more specific freelance platforms like 99Designs and AudPop, Upwork is a general repository for almost any type of freelance work. Altogether, Upwork is suitable for clients who need a wide variety of relatively cheap freelance work. 

Upwork’s Strengths

  • There are a variety of work styles and types, from writing, and video, to accounting.
  • The Upwork brand is nearly a household name and is the first stop for many businesses looking for a freelancer.
  • If a freelancer can find steady work through Upwork, they may make a decent amount of money.

Upwork’s Weaknesses

  • A lot of talent to sift through. This makes it hard for freelancers to stand out, and it’s difficult for clients to find the right person for the job (without shelling out for Upwork’s scouting services).
  • Upwork doesn’t help freelancers. It’s up to you to make it work, and it’s not uncommon to find questions like, “What am I doing?” Additionally, one freelancer said it took them “2 months and 100 proposals to get my first 2 jobs.”
  • By focusing on everything, Upwork specializes in nothing. If you’re a business looking for a freelancer in a specialized field like video creation, you’ll likely have to dig to find exactly what you’re looking for. This is evidenced by the fact that even “rising talent” has difficulty connecting with businesses.

Who Is Upwork Good For?

Upwork is suitable for businesses that need a wide variety of freelance work done quickly and for freelancers who need side income. Jobs are too infrequent on Upwork to sustain a living. 


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What does AudPop give you?

AudPop is a freelance platform that connects video creatives to brands. We provide managed services, video-contest marketing, and original content production partnership. Additionally, we also have a go-to list of Premium Creatives we can direct hire for your project.

We can also generate Campaigns, which are tailored contests that engage our 75K global creatives to develop high-quality, creative content for your brand. Creating a Campaign is simple.

  1. As a business, you’d create a creative brief outlining your budget, goals, and direction.
  2. We would launch the Campaign on our site. Video creatives would submit an intro video and a sizzle reel.
  3. Your company would review and choose the video creative they’d prefer to work with, and the creative takes it from there.

Besides Campaigns, businesses can simultaneously use AudPop to crowdsource hundreds of quality videos using video contests and film challenges. You can even use jury and audience-style voting to engage social media audiences and let them choose the best videos.

Audpop’s system is set up to bridge the gap between brands and creative video talent. All in all, it’s a win-win for both brand and creative. There’s no deafening noise to push through to find great talent. We’ll deliver it straight to your door.

And for video creatives, they can find amazing opportunities and apply without having to pump out proposals and wait for no response. We make the submission process easy.

And not only that, but you can upgrade your status to Pro Creator and receive free entry fees, a video creator portfolio, advanced video stats, access to social sharing stats and play-through reports, and more. Or you can submit your work for review to qualify as a Premium Creative and be placed on our go-to list for direct hire.

In short, Audpop has made it easy for businesses to work with a curated network of diverse, world-class video creatives and for creatives to jumpstart their careers.

AudPop’s Strengths

  • Simple process that helps businesses and creatives. We deliver managed services, video-contest marketing, and original content production partnerships via an easy process.
  • Every submission is reviewed. There is no chance for video creatives’ work to get lost in the noise.
  • Go-to list of Premium Creatives for direct hire. We’ve got you covered when it comes to your creative video needs, whether that’s a business seeking great talent or a creative looking to jumpstart their career.
  • Best freelance video creator platform. Our platform is made for creatives to elevate their careers and get their work noticed. We help you stand out, spotlighting creatives in our monthly newsletter, showcasing your work on our platform, using social media to notice your talents.

AudPops Weaknesses

  • We specialize in video creatives. We don’t do everything, but we’re good at what we do, bridging the gap between businesses and video creatives. 
  • We’re a newer freelance platform. We don’t have the name recognition UpWork does, but we don’t mind. We’re glad to offer hands-on interaction with our clients and creatives. We’re here to grow your business and career. 
  • We’re growing. This means we have the means to connect with more video creatives and engage with brands who need our services. 

What is AudPop Good For?

AudPop is great for businesses who want an efficient and effective way to find video talent for a new project. And we are the best freelance platform for creatives to showcase their work and elevate their careers.

As Executive and Life Coach Reagan Walsh says:

“I was trying to update my speaker’s reel. It was incredibly dated, I had an opportunity in front of me, and I needed to elevate my game. I entered in exactly what the project was and in a couple of days I connected with a video producer and he ran with assets I gave him. It was fast, it was affordable, it was easy, and best of all, the finished product is exceptional.” 

Reach out and join AudPop.  We provide managed services, video-contest marketing, and original content production partnership, and we have several cost-effective options that can accommodate your budget. We can quickly convey your product or service through high-quality, eye-catching video.

Use our video platform to jumpstart your career. Submit your work to qualify as a Premium Creative, and we’ll include you on our go-to list for direct hire.

Don’t hesitate. Reach out now.



At AudPop, we’re filmmakers, designers, marketers, strategists, and writers. But mostly, we’re dreamers! Dreamers who believe stories can change the world. Our mission at AudPop is to connect partners with creators. Filmmakers with partners. Audiences with authentic stories to facilitate collaboration and change.

How do we do that exactly? It’s simple.

If you’re a partner or agency looking to create original premium video content, we’ve got you. We can connect you with over 75,000 diverse and talented filmmakers. Are you a filmmaker ready to share your stories with the world? We can connect you with partners and audiences hungry for quality, authentic content. Do you want to watch quality video content with real stories? We have over 12,000 videos from filmmakers from 190 countries. All with unique stories to tell.

Dreams start here—and together, we can make them come true. Check out AudPop.

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Catherine Babbitt is a freelance writer of 10+ years, a novelist, and an avid storyteller. The topic scope of her writing is multifaceted and vast.

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