Introducing Cinematography Short Film Competitor, Dustin Petrillo

September 5, 2014

 Dustin Petrillo’s film, Reaching Summit: Long Peaks, is sitting at second place in The Audience Awards’ Best Cinematography Short Film Competition. There are four days left to vote. Will Petrillo surpass Perryman’s Arcadia in the final days of the competition? We’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime find out more about this emerging filmmaker.

Dustin Petrillo was born and raised in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He is a 19 year old student at the University of Wyoming in Laramie, WY; majoring in the Musical Theatre Arts. Ever since he was young, he has aspired to become a filmmaker/actor and has strived everyday since to achieve his dream. In his spare time, Dustin enjoys mountain climbing, playing football, and spending time with his girlfriend. He plans to move to Los Angeles after College to pursue his career in filmmaking.

Who are you and what’s your filmmaking background?

Dustin Petrillo. I’ve been screenwriting for about ten years and seriously filming for only a year or two now.

What are you working on right now?

A mockumentary about the competitive side of flag football.

What do you want the audience to take away from your films?

My film is here to inspire novice mountain climbers or anyone in general to set their sights on the adventurous side of life. I want people to watch this film and say, “Wow, I want to climb that mountain!”

What’s your favorite story from filmmaking?

The film documents the entire story (the climb) which was obviously the most fun. It was also exciting to back through the footage in post-production and see how dangerous and/or scary some of the climb was in a different perspective.

What are your wildest dreams for your filmmaking career?

I would just like to get my foot in the door in the entertainment and filmmaking world. I don’t expect an Oscar or anything for this one, but if I can show people that I have potential and talent, that’s all that is important to me.

What is something bizarre about you?

I am a huge Philadelphia Eagles and Oregon Ducks fan.

What currently inspires you?

I am inspired by everyday stories that are happening every second around you. I find it extraordinary how every person you know and see on the streets probably has a film worthy story to tell.

What’s your best advice for an aspiring filmmaker?

Don’t give up on any project you do. Be proud of your work and if you’re not pleased with it, brush it off and strive to make the next project superior. Try and make each one of your films your magnum opus.

Vote for your favorite cinematography short. You still have six days left!



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