Introducing Montana’s Headframe Spirits, and why they support Real Montana

April 9, 2015

With over 140 videos, Real Montana is a grand celebration of Montana through film. Courtney McKee, CEO of Headframe Spirits, is excited to be a part of the action and has gotten together with audNews to explain why Headframe is a supporter and sponsor of Real Montana

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Courtney McKee at The Audience Awards’ Big Sky Doc Fest Party- photo courtesy of Will Klaczynski

Tell us about your organization?

We are both a distillery and a distillation equipment manufacturing facility.  My husband John and myself, founded the company, when John lost his job and we didn’t want to leave Butte.  Within three years, we have come to employ 27 people, have been recognized as a top notch tourist attraction in Butte and really put a spotlight on a great Montana community.

What do you love about Montana?

What isn’t there to love about Montana?!  I’ll tell you what I love specifically about our little corner of Montana.  We can be on a river in 30 minutes, floating and fishing. My hubby rows, while I fish.  We can be on cross country skis in 15 minutes.  We can bring our dog to the bar– housed in a hundred year old building, surrounded by the ghosts of those whose vision built Butte.  And even better?  We get to roll up our sleeves, together, and decide what the future of our community will look like.

 What is like to have a business in Montana?

We literally couldn’t have done what we have in any other state.  Montana is the most business friendly state in the country with more entrepreneurs per capita than any other state in the nation.  Having a business in Montana, is like having the expertise of an entire state at your back.  It’s incredible.  No greasing wheels here–you need help and the state will help, because they care about your success.  We’re one of those increasingly rare places where each of us still matters and where the success of the community is still something we celebrate.

 What are you looking forward to with the Real Montana Competition?

We’re looking forward to sharing our fondness for Butte, past and present, with a much larger audience.  We’re excited to see the other amazing stories this state has to share.

How has Montana’s history inspired Headframe Spirits?

Every bit of story we put out into the world about our company, our products, our brand as a whole, all come from Butte’s past.  Our job is to take Montana’s history and put it in a bottle to share with a larger audience.  We’re proud to bring this much authenticity and integrity to our business.  We’re damn proud of everything we do and every drop is made with respect for Butte’s past.

What does this sponsorship mean for Headframe Spirits?

Agriculture in Montana generates 4.7 billion dollars in revenue every year and distilleries, breweries and wineries are creeping up our contribution to that number. The food and beverage industry is a huge aspect of Montana tourism and hospitality and we’re proud to be part of a state-wide culture that blends tourism and valued ag the way we do. We’re delighted to tell this great story, not only for Headframe Spirits, but also for Montana as a whole.


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