Introducing Queer Film’s very own, Three Dollar Bill Cinema

May 21, 2015

Three Dollar Bill Cinema is a non-profit that has been producing the Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival since 1996. The Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival has become the largest festival of its kind in the Pacific Northwest. Developmental Director Ryan Hicks tells more about Three Dollar Bill Cinema’s programs and mission to bring queer film and media to communities.

What is your film festival’s mission?

Three Dollar Bill Cinema produces, strengthens, connects and reflects diverse communities through queer film and media.

What role does your film festival play in supporting in Seattle’s film community?

The Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival provides a forum for local and emerging filmmakers to show new work that reflects the experiences of the LGBT community. We also provide fiscal sponsorship for film projects so production companies can solicit donations to fund their work.

What does the Seattle film community mean to you?

Three dollar bill cinema logo

Image courtesy of Three Dollar Bill Cinema

Seattle is an exciting and dynamic film community, invigorated by numerous amazing film festivals.

What is something peopble look forward to every year at your film festival?

We curate exceptional short film programs, and annual favorites are always our Boys Shorts, Girls Shorts and Trans Shorts programs.

What do you want audiences to take away from your film festival?

We want audiences to take away a sense of community that builds around sharing the experience of  seeing LGBT film together.

What are you looking forward to most at your next festival?

Over 70 amazing film programs, 4 gala events, post-screening receptions, filmmaker brunches and more!

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