Introducing the Winning Filmmakers of Hilton’s Book Direct Contest

December 18, 2015

Homewood Suites by Hilton & Home2 Suites by Hilton Book Direct Contest Winners Announced! 

“Be Direct”
Directed by Rachel Fleischer
1st place Jury Winner & 2nd place Audience Award Winner

WON $8,000

Be Direct

“Be Direct” Directed by Rachel Fleischer

“I have always been inspired and in awe of the silent film era, particularly the work of Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin. I myself am a hopeless romantic and I wanted to infuse the simple and pure romantic gestures of earlier times into our story. After a few moments it occurred to me that the silent film tropes were the exact opposite of being direct and so it seemed like a good contrast to prove the point. As an artist, it’s always to fun to be given an assignment and flex your creative muscles. I spend a lot of time coming up with a lot of my own ideas for movies, stories and various projects. Sometimes it’s really liberating to just be given an assignment and create something you yourself would never have come up with otherwise. I always appreciate a chance to tell stories and share them with the world.  Being paid for what you love to do is all one can ask for. Projects like these allow me to work closely with a core group of artists I love and believe in.  I’m grateful to have had an experience to work with talented people who help me learn and grow. I want to thank my brilliant husband Blake Collins, who scored this piece and all my work, along with Ryan Jackson Healy my talented DP, Frederick Chandler our devoted producer, Jason Freedman our incredible editor, Danielle Rotella our hair and make up artist and our luminous actors Adam Busch and Jessica Fleischer, my sister. Finally thanks to Hilton and Audience Awards for giving young artists a chance! “ Rachel Fleischer

“Home2 Makes It Easy 2 Book Direct”
Directed by Austin Witthuhn
1st place Audience Award winner & 2nd place Jury Winner

WON $8,000

Home2 Makes It Easy 2 Book Direct Austin Witthuhn

“Home2 Makes It Easy 2 Book Direct” Directed by Austin Witthuhn


“I wanted to shoot at a Home2 so the video would better benefit the brand. After reading the brief, I wanted to incorporate some of the things that Home2 said they wanted to convey to the guests, I wrote the script and we went for it.  The benefit of winning is that I now have a decent bit of savings to put back for me and my fiancée. We might use some for our honeymoon. The contest was fun, nerve racking at times and I am excited to enter contests in the future. Helps me express my creativity and continue to produce projects I enjoy shooting.” Austin Witthuhn


“Homewood Suites – Family Holiday”

Directed by Jordan Cohen
3rd place Audience Award Winner
WON $1,000

Homewood Suites - Family Holiday Jordan Cohen

“Homewood Suites – Family Holiday” Directed by Jordan Cohen

“Given the time of year and the holidays being right around the corner, I wanted to use the theme of family warmth and brotherly love to highlight the Homewood Suites brand value of “Home” and what it means to be, and feel, at home. I found great value in being connected with the Audience Awards as it gave me exposure to both a great brand, and the confidence to continue my career directing and producing branded content. I encourage other young filmmakers interested in jump starting their careers to be a part of the Audience Awards and to take advantage of the rare opportunity to receive exposure by some of the world’s biggest brands. The brands involved with the Audience Awards contests have joined because they have a similar passion of storytelling — and what better way to develop and hone one’s craft than by being part of a supportive and encouraging community such as the Audience Awards. “ Jordan Cohen



There are two more contest opportunities to create
1-minute videos for Hilton!


Director’s Challenge

Directors Challenge


Tell the world why you should stay at a Homewood Suites by Hilton.


$17,000 IN AWARDS


100th Hotel Opening

100th opening


Why do you choose to stay at Home2? Can you get creative and link it to their landmark 100th Hotel opening?


$17,000 IN AWARDS

Click here to view all of the Book Direct entries


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