Inside Look at Love Shorts

February 23, 2016

It’s mid-contest for Love Shorts and we wanted to give the audience an insider’s perspective on the heart and soul of some of these films. Six competing filmmakers have opened up their creative minds. Click on the images to watch their films and if you like what you see, award them your vote! There are 25 films in the 2016 Love Shorts Video Contest for your viewing pleasure available here.

Filmmaker Janna King and “The Break Up

Filmmaker Janna King and "The Break Up"

Filmmaker Janna King and “The Break Up”

I made this film because I wanted to explore the concept of unconditional love, looking at it with a sense of levity. The film’s end is important to me for a host of reasons that I can’t give away, because, well, spoiler alert! I could never do any of my films without my talented crew – they make the process so much fun that I wish I could work with them every single day. My lovely star, Ali Hoffmann was also in my first short film, Mourning Glory. And lastly, this film was a family affair – my 16-year-old composed the music, my ex-husband is one of my producers, along with my current husband, who also provided the key art and closing credits. And my ex-husband’s girlfriend is the set photographer. I often write with my daughter, who is my co-writer on my next short. For me, creative collaboration is key.

Thank you again for the opportunity to be featured in the Love Shorts fest!

Filmmaker Sarah Hudson and “Found

Filmmaker Sarah Hudson and "Found"

Filmmaker Sarah Hudson and “Found”

Found is an analog love story about two disconnected friends reconnecting over a mixtape. It’s a slice-of-life short film celebrating music, analog technology, and human connection. I made this back in 2009 as a film student, and it’s still one of my favorite films I’ve made.

Filmmaker Sara Fletcher and “The Girl in the Green Dress”

Filmmaker Sara Fletcher and "The Girl in the Green Dress"

Filmmaker Sara Fletcher and “The Girl in the Green Dress”

Our short film was made by a group of female filmmakers tackling what it meant to be a woman in 1950s America through love, identity, and modern dance.

Although as artists we, as females, are under-represented in the film world today- we see a surge of positivity from the indie community supporting women and the very themes we touch on in our short.

We hope you enjoy our love story: The Girl in the Green Dress.

Filmmaker Victor Pytko and “Compassion”

Filmmaker Victor Pytko and "Compassion"

Filmmaker Victor Pytko and “Compassion”

1) Sometimes, love needs a magic wand to get it going. That’s one message in Compassion

2) Compassion is about finding within one’s self an ability to feel empathy for a stranger or someone less fortunate.

3) Compassion is one in a five-story anthology called The Five Keys, each being produced independently by a different writer/director but each having the common elements of a key associated with a virtue, a keymaker, and a customer seeking a duplicate key.

Filmmaker Amy Goddard Smith and “More Sex at Home

Filmmaker Amy Goddard Smith and "More Sex at Home"

Filmmaker Amy Goddard Smith and “More Sex at Home”

The episode submitted to The Audience Awards, More Sex at Home, is one of 5 independently produced episodes, all available to view on our vimeo link.

Another Day With You (ADWY) was created by, written by, costumed, catered and produced by a woman – that’s me! Also I play Amy.

We fed our people well (and scrounged  $100 an episode for our hard working crew whenever we could)  but I want you to know the people who worked the hardest on every single episode worked for love. I am forever grateful to Executive Producer John Zinman, Producer and  3 episode Director Greg Van Horn, Producer and actress Laurie Leitzel, composer Chip Smith and the brilliant Bob Clendenin.  Getting a web series made is about first saying “yes” to yourself and then having others say “yes” to you.  I’m so grateful for every single “yes.”

Filmmaker Danielle Orbach and “Seamless Love”

Filmmaker Danielle Orbach and "Seamless Love"

Filmmaker Danielle Orbach and “Seamless Love”

Seamless Love is a short comedy about love, expectations, Breakups, food and cats. Two opposite personalities have lived together in a small New York City apartment for way too long, leading to the point in their relationship that is the straw on the camel’s back… which happens to be a food delivery order. That one dinner order leads to the downfall of one relationship and the beginning of another. Along the way are a bunch of laughs, parodying modern millennial relationships and the relatable challenges that come with them. Seamless Love was written and directed by Danielle Orbach, a senior at NYU Tisch School of the Arts. Two fun facts about Seamless Love are: Mango the cat actually did have a bad drooling problem at the time and the delivery boy and delivery girl are dating in real life!

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