Meet the Contestants in Colorado Revealed Video Contest

April 8, 2016

Colorado Office of Film,Television & Media’s Colorado Revealed Video Contest is off with a bang! 49 films are competing for a total prize value of $15,000 and commemorative Hateful 8 Film strips from Kodak. Meet 14 contestants and read what they have to say.

To view each film, click on the image or on the film’s name. Enjoy!


Colorado Revealed Filmmaker Brett Schreckengost and "Colorful Colorado"

Filmmaker Brett Schreckengost and “Colorful Colorado”

“The short was filmed entirely in Southwest Colorado, the most beautiful part of the state in my opinion. The beauty of Colorado really is in the people who live here, the community is what has kept me here and why I chose to raise my family here and call these mountains home. The cowboy/ski bum featured in the video is Roudy Roudebush (yes, that is his real name) and his narrative voice was not scripted.” –Filmmaker Brett Schreckengost and “Colorful Colorado

Colorado Revealed Filmmaker Michael Bielecki and "What's YOUR Colorado"

Filmmaker Michael Bielecki and “What’s YOUR Colorado”

“This short film was captured and created on location at a few select Colorado-based small businesses. Some were built and founded here, and some in the process of starting a new era in this beautiful state as the perfect launching pad for their idea.

This state has so many wonderful activities to offer, but without the people that make the products that take us there, we’d have nothing.

This video is a homage to the hands that help to build our Colorado, and their passion behind their craft.” ~Filmmaker Michael Bielecki and “What’s YOUR Colorado

Colorado Revealed Filmmaker Alli Lapps and "Colorado Revealed"

Filmmaker Alli Lapps and “Colorado Revealed”

“I’d like the audience to know my film documents my swim team’s trip to Colorado’s Garden of the Gods. We spent the week there training at the Olympic Training Center. It was filmed on a GoPro Hero 3.” – Filmmaker Alli Lapps and “Colorado Revealed

Colorado Revealed Filmmaker Eric Richards and "A Day in Colorado"

Filmmaker Eric Richards and “A Day in Colorado”

“When I shot in Denver, it was clear outside (I shot the hyperlapse with the buses during that time) and then out of nowhere, heavy snow soaks me and my equipment. I used the opportunity to capture the capital building. A few minutes later, it cleared up again. If that doesn’t scream Colorado, I don’t know what does.”-Filmmaker Eric Richards and “A Day in Colorado”

Colorado Revealed Filmmaker Riley Donavan and "A COLORADO DAY"

Filmmaker Riley Donavan and “A COLORADO DAY”

This film is a simple mini documentary showing real Colorado kids during a real Colorado day. My friends and I are all from a small town, so when we don’t have work, we go out and have fun in the mountains. I usually bring my camera, and in this particular instance I was really happy with what I’d shot. I started with a 5 minute cut, then a 2 minute cut, and for this I was able to make it even shorter. As a local Colorado filmmaker, everything about this Colorado Revealed contest has been an absolute joy to work on.”-Filmmaker Riley Donavan and “A COLORADO DAY

Colorado Revealed Filmmaker Cameron Rogowski and "The Wild West"

Filmmaker Cameron Rogowski and “The Wild West”

“I am absolutely in love with the notion of the wild west. I am fascinated that there used to be a push and pull between outlaws and lawmen all over the western U.S. and Colorado is a central point where many infamous men became legends. One of my favorite things about Colorado as a whole is the fact that you can take any camera, point it in nearly any direction at any point in the state and you will capture something beautiful.”-Filmmaker Cameron Rogowski and  “The Wild West” 

Colorado Revealed Filmmaker Diego Estrada and "Rediscover the Known"

Filmmaker Diego Estrada and “Rediscover the Known”

“With my film I wanted to portray the struggles an artist may have, sometimes we go through a period of time where we become frustrated with ourselves because we either can’t come up with any ideas or we just feel uninspired. Therefore, we need to take a break, go outside and discover our surroundings.”- Filmmaker Diego Estrada and “Rediscover the Known” 

Colorado Revealed -Filmmaker David Moum and "The Beauty in Going Back"

Filmmaker David Moum and “The Beauty in Going Back”

“I would like the audience to know that this film shows a glimpse of Colorado’s grandeur in its natural form; That the majesty of the Rockies is timeless and beautiful.” -Filmmaker David Moum and “The Beauty in Going Back

 Filmmaker Tue Tran and "What Makes Colorado"

Filmmaker Tue Tran and “What Makes Colorado”

“The footage were gathered over a period of six months. This was a first attempt at a narrative piece and I’m proud to say that it’s actually my voice. We had a few other options but it didn’t quite work out. The dog on the cover photo is Alfie. He’s one’s of the sweetest dogs you’ll ever meet.”– Filmmaker Tue Tran and “What Makes Colorado


Filmmaker Patrick Vargo and "Colorado Revealed"

Filmmaker Patrick Vargo and “Colorado Revealed”

“In the film I show what is in my opinion everything that makes Colorado unique to me, from the Rocky Mountains to downtown Denver I tried to cover as much as I could within 60 seconds. In the film I included several shots of myself skiing at Breckenridge. Skiing is very important in my life and is my passion. I took this opportunity to showcase some of the winter lifestyles Colorado has to offer.”– Filmmaker Patrick Vargo and “Colorado Revealed

Colorado Revealed Filmmaker Sarah R. Lotfi and "Colorado Revealed Worlds Within"

Filmmaker Sarah R. Lotfi and “Colorado Revealed Worlds Within”

Worlds Within, was shot all around the state of Colorado with the team of CineVIA Pictures volunteering their time, equipment, and specialties to showcase our story as filmmakers and the process we go through from concept to production. There is a timeless, international potential throughout the state we choose to work in. Many on our team come from diverse backgrounds, and after all their travels, the locale and terrain around us in Colorado still posesses a vibrant beauty. Original music was composed by Christophe Millois who is headquartered in France.” -Filmmaker Sarah R. Lotfi and “Colorado Revealed Worlds Within


Colorado Revealed Filmmaker Marc Slover and "Colorado Timelapse"

Filmmaker Marc Slover and “Colorado Timelapse”

“I would like the audience to know that my film was compiled from over two years of discovering new and interesting places to shoot in Colorado. Also that it was a lot of fun to create and I plan for more in the future. I enjoy showcasing the beauty of our great state.”- Filmmaker Marc Slover and “Colorado Timelapse” 

Colorado Revealed Filmmaker Yuri Chicovsky and "Sage Country"

Filmmaker Yuri Chicovsky and “Sage Country”

“This one-minute piece it is made up of clips from a larger documentary project of the same name – Sage Country – which will be my feature filmmaking debut in early 2017. The film tells the story of a Colorado sheep rancher who looks to his ancestors for wisdom as he come to grips with the uncertain future of his family’s beloved way of life. The story unfolds against the backdrop of the lambing grounds, a large beautiful piece of land the family has used for spring lambing for three generations. Sage Country features an original score composed by myself and the Sage Country Band, which is comprised of some of Colorado’s most gifted musicians, including the core members of Chimney Choir. Directed and photographed by Yuri Chicovsky. Edited by Yuri Chicovsky and Sarah Megyesy.” –Filmmaker Yuri Chicovsky and “Sage Country” 

Colorado Revealed Filmmaker Ann Lukacs and "Film South Park"

Filmmaker Ann Lukacs and “Film South Park”

“This film was produced for the South Park National Heritage Area to showcase their special part of Colorado.  The area is unique in its geography, wide open vistas, archeology and history.  Its uniqueness and efforts to attract film production make it the perfect location.  The sample shown here is the opening scene of the film.  The full length film features the history of mining, railroad and ranching in the area.  Many of these historic areas are still intact.  Located approximately 90 minutes from either Denver or Colorado Springs, this area is centrally located in Colorado.  Make sure to put a visit to “the real South Park” on your production scouting agenda …. or just come say hi.”-Filmmaker Ann Lukacs and “Film South Park” 

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