Meet the Filmmaker: John Tuccillo Jr.

October 8, 2014

The voting period for Show Us Your Funny Comedy Shorts Competition came to a close on Tuesday. Audiences spent two weeks watching and voting for the 9 competing films. The competition winner was That’s Not Mine, a film by John Tuccillo Jr. about parents who sit down their son to confront him about the drugs they have found in his room, all of which turn out to belong to his father.


We asked John a few questions about the project and his film career.


How did the idea for That’s Not Mine come about?

I’m not exactly sure what initial thought turned into this idea, but it was something I was playing around with for about a year.  I just liked the idea of taking a traditional situation and turning it on it’s head.

What were some of the comedies, filmmakers or comedians you liked growing up / that may have inspired your own comedy?
Growing up I was really into Robin Williams and Jim Carrey.  They were huge influences on me as a class-clown before I knew I wanted to make movies.  I think my sense of humor just sort of developed on it’s own from a very young age.  I always enjoyed making people laugh so I’ve had a lot of practice growing up.

What has been the biggest challenge with this project?
Surprisingly, there weren’t too many challenges making this film.  The only thing I had some issues with was locking down the right location.
What do you have planned next?
Right now, I’m writing The Dinner Guest into a feature.  That’s all I can say.

John Tuccillo is based in Los Angeles, CA. Watch his film below.



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