Meet the People at The Audience Awards: Becca Sayre

July 22, 2014

Introducing Becca Sayre, front-end developer and user experience designer.

1. Who are you?

I’m Becca, the front-end developer and user experience designer for the site. In short, I figure out how to make the site look nice, work well, be simple to use and then I build it that way.

2.  What’s the best part about working for The Audience Awards?

Websites like this one are like big puzzles — half the pieces are right there for you on the table, and the other half don’t exist yet and you have to make them yourself. I love figuring out what those pieces need to look like and building them.

3. Tell us the why you’re excited about what The Audience Awards is building.

Short film is one of the areas where the web is really proving its worth. There’s a massive audience out there for short, engaging films that can be watched whenever, where ever.   The Audience Awards is a great place for filmmakers to have a platform to showcase their work and win money for it. I think AA plays a really important role in supporting short film and filmmakers.

4. What’s something bizarre about yourself.

I’ve been making websites since 1996, back in the  the wild west days of Geocities. My first website was dedicated to an old computer game where you raised digital dogs. I wish it still existed, if only for the extreme cringe-factor.

5. Do you have a favorite film on the site?

Right now, it’s Bastard. It’s shot beautifully, and I love Pickle!

6.What’s an entertainment trend you love right now?

I’m really into flat design (if you look at this site a bit you can tell) and web-minimalism — say the most you can in the least amount of words!  I am a huge fan of comedy podcasts. (I have recommendations if you want ’em!)  I’m reading Brian K. Vaughan’s “Saga,” listening to the new Jack White album, spending too much time on and dealing with a minor obsession with Cutthroat Kitchen/Alton Brown.  

As for favorite filmmakers, every time I hear Paul Thomas Anderson is starting a new project I get ridiculously excited.  Outside of the computer, I love to garden and I am growing enough kale in my backyard to keep the whole neighborhood’s iron levels optimal.

7. Name a few people who inspire you.

Sheryl Sandberg, Tina Fey, Jeffrey Zeldman and Seth Godin — pioneers, the lot of them.

The Audience Awards connects filmmakers to audiences.  Vote for your favorite short documentary film today.





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